Monday, August 11, 2014

Dat Moment & One Of A "Bajillion" Reason I Love

Some of you have heard our story...that summer of 2008 and then the hilarious story from that following Fall. We had several moments. But not all of you know the moment I finally fell, and fell hard. "Dat moment" as Ty calls it. There was no looking back for either of us (not that Ty ever looked back from day 1 of meeting me anyhow). But now we do look back but only to laugh, retell the story, and then keep on lovin'. Because that's what we do. We vowed to love every single day.

To this day, I have always known the Lord brought you in my life that summer for a reason. And as much as I knew you were meant to stay in my life, I was still that independent, young lady, who was traveling to a place that still holds a piece of my heart (South Africa). Our timing, well, let’s just say wasn’t the right time. It wasn’t until that following February that timing was right…

Baseball, your senior season, was kickin off. First game Thursday, the rest to continue through the weekend. What better excuse for Kelsey and myself to have a girls beach trip and make a pit stop on our way home to watch you play. Kelsey was a true supporter of you and me from day one, so that girl was more than willing to make sure we made that game and dinner afterwards. (a little side note: thanks to Ryan for tagging along for  that double date on the rooftop. You deserve a little credit as well!) I, on the other hand, was convincing myself you found a girlfriend. But the truth finally came out before we arrived…a little incident made you hesitant to let us come watch you sit the bench due to an injury.

Come to find out…you had actually taken an 86mph fastball to the face. Your teeth came through your lip, shifted your bottom teeth, you puffed up like a blowfish, and 25 stitches later…I fell for the look ;-) Boy were you ever so swollen and moderately drugged, but the nurse in me couldn’t keep my eyes off ya! Something about that gash and those stitches…like I said, I fell and I fell hard! Then I kissed your cheek, turned my back, and left you with that. That's where we started/continued our story!

Let’s be honest, there’s so much more to our story that led up to that night and many more reason I love you but this one just tied the knot. And one of these days we'd love to share the whole story but until then, you get just this last piece of our story that led to the Stanley life today...our 2nd Anniversary! Here's to two years, that moment I made the commitment in knowing you were my one and only (how cheesy, but so true), and that scar you wear everyday.

Love you every single day!
♥Cori Lou

(And a big thanks to Kelsey for talking me out of the whole girlfriend idea I talked myself into and driving my ass down to see the man I’d one day marry!)