Friday, August 22, 2014

H2C 2014: My Thoughts, Concerns, & Lifeline

Some of us prep like nobody's business many months before Hood to Coast while others prep a few weeks before go time. That also means some of us will feel decent on Sunday while the rest will feel like garbage. Maybe even worse, who knows. I feel bad for each individual who will feel like junk the following day. I'll feel bad if I'm one of them as well. However, I'm caught somewhere in the middle. If it weren't for my gal, Laura, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have even run 1-2 times a week the last couple of months. And to top it off the challenge by one of our teammates, Jason, came into play many times. In fact, too many times. Somehow I got talked into an 8 miler, then a 10 miler, and topped it off at 13.2 miles. You both are nuts, but as always, I'm happy to do it anytime with either of you!

The other part of the prep...packing. I always save it until last minute because as we all know, it will get done in a minute. So here I am at 11PM at night blogging. Why would I be packing yet anyway...I still have hours until start time.

My thoughts on H2C 2014
Let's just say they're mixed. When I first think about it, I think "no big deal, just a few runs with plenty of time in between." But as soon as I think about how big of a deal H2C is and the night running, I get butterflies in my stomach. Mainly the night run is what gets me and for a few reasons. The animals that could be out there, the late night drivers that may or may not be paying attention on the back roads, and being alone in the middle of nowhere. Everybody tells me not to worry about any of those, but it's easier said than done. So if you see me in the middle of nowhere on the path to Seaside with a giant machete, a rifle, and the largest beam of light coming off me (so cars don't hit me of course), just know that I'm prepared for any situation.

What To Pack
3 regular running outfits with a long sleeve to go with each
1 extra running outfit (just in case)
2-3 extra pairs of socks 
1 extra sports bra
1 running vest
1 head lamp
2 pairs of running shoes
5 pairs of undies
1 comfy outfit to wear in the van + 1 sweatshirt
1 pair of sandals or comfy shoes in between runs

1 pillow
1 sleeping bag

basic toiletries
toothbrush & paste, floss, deodorant, face lotion, hair ties and pins, chapstick, sunscreen, 
soap/body wipes, mascara, hand sanitizer, wash cloth, a towel, toilet paper

additional items to think about
glide/anti-chaffing items
shower items if you get to shower along the way
first aid items if your van isn't providing them
phone charger
FOOD (you know what you like, you know what works best)
water bottle

A friend gave me this website from Blonde Ponytail for packing ideas. The best tip was to place each running leg clothes into a ziploc bag so they are easy to get to as well as easy to put away once they're dirty!

H2C Lifelines
As I began thinking about the most important thing we all pack for two long days ahead of us, I realize that most people are concerned about having enough water (and maybe the right foods that will give them the energy to get through the relay). My lifeline: toilet paper. I am not much of a water drinker, so of course that wouldn't be the first thing to cross my mind. But toilet paper...I'm pretty sure I've reminded Ty to remind me to not forget a roll of TP. We all have our concerns, we all have our security blanket, we all have our lifelines. For some it's water, for others it's the right clothes and food, and for me it's TP. Does it surprise you? Didn't think so.

If this is your first go around for Hood to Coast or the 10th time, we wish you all a safe, fun, and wonderful experience. Take care of your body, don't poo in people's yards (so we've been told per the rules), and if possible, get a few winks of rest! 

Here's to running nearly 200 miles from start to finish with approximately 1,050 teams (times that by 12 and see how many runners that means). See you all at the beach!