Monday, August 25, 2014

HTC 2014: Summin' It Up

We survived HTC in case you all weren't updated via Instagram or Facebook. Sometimes I go a little post crazy so I'm not sure how you'd miss it anyway. But Hood to Coast...what a trip in so many ways! The literal trip was awesome. Driving across part of the State/running across part of the State, seeing some of the most beautiful areas while driving and running, and finishing up at the beach. Now that's a trip if I've ever done one! On the other hand, it's a trip in another way. Who signs up to run nearly 200 miles in total, to "sleep" in a van or to not sleep whatsoever in a 24 hour or more time period (which is closer to true), and to skim by on doing the most minimal hygiene while keepin' real close to 5-6 other individuals in the van? Nutty people and people who get talked into things way too easily...that's who gets roped into this thing. But I have to say, I haven't met a soul who regretted it. Some may not want to come back for another year, but they enjoyed the first and last Hood to Coast all at once.

Anyway, it was quite awesome to see everybody PR on not just their mile times but for some, it was the longest total time and miles they've ever run in their whole life. How cool is that? We were all super proud of each other to say the least! Scroll through the blog post to meet the team and read a few thoughts..or don't. Either way is fine with me.

The Squad
First we all started Crossfit together (crazy decision) and now we go and do this...
how nuts are we?

"Van 1"

"Van 2"

My Legs
(running legs, not my actual legs. Duh.)

Leg 0.
I may have looked like a hobo, but I managed to bike 5 miles to meet up with the van before takeoff
on a road bike with an incredibly heavy bag attached to me causing my head to be pushed forward, a food bag between my legs causing my legs to pump outwards, and a pillow that disabled me from being able to see behind me without falling off my bike. Let's just say I had to ditch a few things along the way and have a few trial and errors before I managed to leave my house.
But I sure made it and got quite the workout from it!

Leg 1.
4.84 miles. Flat with lots of stops for traffic lights and trail crossings. Run at dusk,
ended on a beautiful sunset.
13 road kills.

Leg 2.
4.14 miles. Small rolling hills at dawn. Chilly and foggy morning. Major traffic backup
and had to run 1-1.5 miles back to the van.
16 road kills.

Leg 3.
7.2 miles. A few rolling hills, then a gradual uphill for about 5-6 miles. Gravel road.
From hot and sweaty to foggy and cool.
53 road kills.

What It Means To "Hood To Coast"

you get to run for hours and hours and hours. Why would you not want to?

you get to spend time with awesome people.

you have so many laughs with these people that "tears" nearly run down your leg.
you get to be delirious with them.
you grow closer than you ever thought you would've.
they become your lifeline...because they do have to pick you up at some point at the end of your run.
In fact, you probably have never been so excited to see these people in your life up until this point.

you get to run in places and at times you most likely will never get to again.

you get to have little chances at sleeping, be a map reader at 3am, and be piled in a van
full of food and dirty clothes (and dirty people). Again, why would you not want that?

you get free entertainment along the way.

you get to be a driver stuck in traffic at some point or another (if you don't have a non-running driver)
and have plenty of time to think...or sleep at the wheel (kidding)

you get to eat your meals out of the back of your van and change your clothes
behind the van doors...praying that nobody has to see your bare cheeks along the way.

and some of us get to endure injuries other than the achy and sore feelings...
injuries like slicing your finger open with a knife.

and one of the best get to see the end of the longest relay in the world!

The End

Reasons To Book A Night Stay After HTC ^^
-you may or may not feel like garbage
-you get to shower immediately
-you can sleep in something other than a van once you've eaten and showered
-you get to enjoy views like these, walk the beach the next morning, and take another nap if you so choose to

A Few "WHY'S"
(that maybe someone can answer for me)

-why is it that on the outside world we call a van, a van and a SUV, a SUV...
but once you get into HTC everything becomes "a van" when really it's still a SUV or car
or truck. Why?

-why don't the Honey Buckets further away from the start get serviced?
no TP and you're nearly sitting on someone's sh*t by the end of the relay because it's piled high.

-why do people think they can tell you when you should and shouldn't go to the bathroom?
somehow I kept overhearing ladies tell their team they needed to go to the bathroom and for some reason it was always the man in the group that would say "you should hold it until we get to the next stop" or "you'll have to wait, we don't have time for that."
(I'd like to tell them to shut it because since when did someone tell you when you can and can't go to the bathroom)

-WHY do people poop their pants when they have all the trees/bushes/poles to hide behind and just go?
I couldn't figure out why my last half mile smelled so bad...until I looked up and realized
what was running down the woman's leg. It's way easier to pop a squat somewhere even if you don't have toilet paper than it is to go in your pants, run in it for who knows how long, and ruin a pair of nice running shorts.

And I'm done...
That's all I can think of for now. All I have to say is that if you get a chance to do HTC, do it. Don't hesitate. Man up and go for it. You won't regret it...and if you do, don't come back to me and tell me.
Because you won't regret being with your team, you won't regret the just may regret the way you feel after all those runs and no sleep. But guess what, that all goes away and life goes on.

Nice job to both van 1 and van 2...way to kick some butt and finish strong!
There aren't enough words to say how proud we all are of each other.
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