Friday, September 12, 2014

A Food Cart Must: Pi Wood Fired Pizza

You guys, we've got some family business to discuss. One, I've got two cousins. Two, I've got two cousins who own a business. Three, they produce wonderful wood fired pizzas made from local ingredients you all must eat. Four, they sell their "pi" out of a food cart in a sweet little area of Portland. And five, we need your help to share the family business love!

Here's the deal. My cousins own a food cart and it happens to be some amazing wood fired pizza. I will need as many of you to share this blog post via +1 on blogger or on FB and follow them on IG and/or twitter (see info below). Then I will need you all to head to the cart and try it out this weekend 
and all other days you need to tame that pizza craving.
3, 2, 1, share, follow, and go test it out!

Check out the info below on how they got started, the local products they use, the types of pizzas they've got, location, hours, and IG/twitter info. 
All the details you could ever ask for about a business before you go!

Pi Wood Fired Pizza

Owners: Aubrey & Dallas, The Berry Bros!
(Written by Aubrey)

Pi Pizza started as a hobby in a back garden in Estacada. Just something fun to do with fire and food. We built our first oven in 2010. It was an Alan Scott inspired oven, based on his book The Bread Builders. Pretty much the bible of hearth baking. The building process is relatively straight forward. Get the plans, get the supplies and commence building. Dallas has been responsible for both ovens we've used. I (Aubrey) mostly facilitated...lots of driving, carrying bricks, bags of concrete, and lots of cleaning.
After a couple fun garden parties, our friends suggest selling our pizza. So we started doing deliveries on Friday nights. It went well. We sold out every Friday night, all summer long. Next step was renting our Aunt's food truck. We baked at the Estacada Farmers Market and did events. All successful! The next spring our Aunt decided to take the truck to Cartlandia. We thought it was a great opportunity to take our pizzas to a bigger market. We had a good run at Cartlandia but our Aunt wanted to sell, and too rich for our blood. So instead, we left Cartlandia last October, not really sure where the move would take us.
We had money in the coffers and had to decide: brick and mortar or find a cart. We went with the cart. After a lot of searching we found the perfect unit for us. Just a prep area on wheels, an area to build pizzas, some sinks, and a refrigerator. We didn't need an oven, flat top or fryers. So we got a great deal on our cart. Dallas did what little work the cart needed and when we saw an add on Craigslist for a new pod opening on Belmont in southeast, we knew exactly where we wanted to be...
East of the river, south of Burnside, & below 52nd.

Our philosophy on pizza is neopolitan inspired. This means thin crusted, cooked quickly at a high heat, & using simple, local ingredients in harmony. We make our dough and sauce in house. We have 4 permanent pizzas: margherita, pepperoni, Hawaiian, and cheese. In addition we will do seasonal specials. Currently we have our Ser Davos, which is an onion pizza in tribute to the onion knight from Game of Thrones. We will be serving a golden chanterelle pie as soon as the mushrooms are up. Like an Italian, grandmother is our constant guide. Would she do this? Would she do that? That's why we feel great using locally grown wheat. Some swear by the 00 from Italy, but would granny do that? Buy flour from half way around the world? Def not. So that's a pretty good example of our thought process. Local!

*You can find them at 2623 SE Belmont 
*Hours of operation are Monday-Saturday 11am-9pm
*Follow them on twitter: @berrybrotherspi
*Follow them on IG: piwoodfiredpizza

Let me repeat myself...share, like, follow, and go get some Pi pizza. Help the local business and help out part of the fam! And most of all, go enjoy yourself a good wood fired pizza!

♥The Stanleys