Wednesday, September 10, 2014

DIY Outdoor Lounger

I had this vision of a giant lounger for the fire pit area when we first moved in. All I knew was that I wanted a large piece of furniture either several people share or a couple people could lay on it. I called it a lounger because I have no idea what else to call it. It's almost like a couch, but there's no back to it since we put it up against the side of the garage. And it's almost like a bed since I did use a twin mattress pad for the cushion, but I didn't want to call it a bed. Instead, I called it a lounger because it's not a couch and it's not a bed. Fair enough?

I envisioned pallets stacked on top of each other, somehow having armrests on there, and some wheels on it so we could move it if we ever decide the firepit area needs to be elsewhere. Then we'd put a nice cushion and pillows on it to give it that comfy feel. With no idea of how to put it together and my poor explaining of "my idea," we somehow managed to pull something together. Check out our DIY lounger and how we scraped it together to make it work!

DIY Backyard Lounger
6 pallets (3'x4' -ish)
6 swivel caster wheels (your choice in size, we chose a medium size)
2 locking/swivel caster wheels (again, your choice in size)
scrap wood (mostly 1"x6" cedar plank fencing, taken down to 4")
nail/brad gun
1 twin mattress pad
1 piece of scrap plywood (cut down to size of mattress pad)
enough fabric to cover the size of your mattress pad/plywood (you can make a slip-like cover for it or get just enough to wrapped around the nail to the other side of the plywood)
pillows (ikea/used and washed)
fabric to cover pillows

The How To
Step 1:
place casters on bottom pallets. Four on each pallet with the two locking wheels on the front far right and front far left of the lounger.

Step 2:
stack all of your pallets, three high and side by side 
(so two pallets added onto each of the wheeled pallets)

Step 3:
if you haven't cut your cedar planks down to 4", do it now. If you have, proceed to step 4.

Step 4:
begin placing the cedar planks around the stacked pallets, nailing them into the pallet boards securely.

Step 5:
build your armrests, one on each end. (from my perspective, it looked like making a box but what do I know. I can't find the dimensions of the armrests but essentially you want to build them a size in which your twin mattress pad will still fit and there won't be space between the pad and the armrests. You'll have to do the measuring, sorry!)

(hopefully this will at least give you an idea of what it looks like up close and in the process
if you decide to make the armrests, but like I said...sorry for no measurements at the moment!)

Step 6:
you can stain your finished product now or wait until another day. 
You choose.

Step 7:
cut your piece of plywood if you haven't yet. This is where you can decide if you want to make a slip cover for your mattress pad or in my case (I obviously didn't want to), so we wrapped the fabric around the mattress pad evenly and nailed it into the other side of the plywood.

Step 8:
make pillow covers for your pillows. If you don't know how to, Google it or find someone 
who can make them for you. Either will do.

Step 9:
place your mattress pad and pillows on your now homemade backyard lounger, take a picture of your work, and show it off.

Step 10:
start a fire, toast some mallows or get toasted (either or is fine, we won't judge), and relax!

(for those of you who know us, we both will eat many, many more s'mores before we
ever reach for a drink. But for all our friends who enjoy a drink or more, our fire pit
area and lounger are meant for whatever you so wish to do with your time back there)

I have to give my husband and his dad lots of credit for building the main structure of the lounger, of course. However, an even bigger thanks to my mother-in-law for making the pillow covers for me 
in a pinch when we were getting ready for our party. Couldn't have turned into a lounger without the
work of the whole clan!