Thursday, September 18, 2014

DIY Wall Hanging

I know I asked you this when I posted the "beginnings to the spare bedroom" last week, but remember when I posted this photo below? It was one those projects I started way too late in the night, but I couldn't stop myself because it was so simple, I was making quick progress, and I wanted to get it on our spare bedroom wall. Three good enough reasons to stay up way too late for craft projects. 
Would you not agree?

Anyway, the kiddos and their parents ventured out with me after a Sunday night dinner to help me find "the stick" a long while back. I needed to find the right one, the one that would work best with the project, and the one that would be just the right size for over the bed. Well we found about 7, I brought them home, and the following day my dad came over. When he came over he also brought my brother's dog. You following me here?

Well the dog, Carter, found my pile of sticks and chewed all but one up. Awesome, right? I was thrilled. Ok I wasn't thrilled. Not whatsoever. He did leave me one though...and only one! And the one he left me, thank goodness, managed to work well enough for the wall hanging!
So here it be...

I must give credit where credit is due. I found this lovely idea from Kelli Murray's blog. She was having a DIY event in San Diego according to the blog post, I liked what I saw, and then I guessed on how she did it (there aren't any instructions on the website, so I made my own makeshift version). See below for details on supplies and the how-to explanation.

1 skein thick yarn, your choice in color
1 stick (from a park or a neighbors yard)
1 extremely long piece of wire, thin yarn, or a heavy duty string
1 package medium sized wood balls
1 package small sized wood balls
paint/spray paint (if you want to add color to your small wood balls)
1 nail or wall hook
1 hammer

Place your stick on your floor (trust me, it's easier to work with). Pull out your yarn and unravel a long piece from one end of the floor to your stick, then double it over and have it go from the stick back to the end (where you started). Be sure it's AT LEAST the desired length you want on your wall PLUS SOME. That way you have room to work with when you cut your ends in the final stage. Once your piece is cut, make a loop hole right in the middle where you folded the yarn in half. Place your stick through the yarn hole and pull it down tight. You should now have two piece of yarn dangling from the stick. If you don't, then A) I'm bad at directions (which for some reason this was hard for me to explain) and B) find your own way to wrap it around the stick (even if it means you just start to tie it like you're tying a shoe. Repeat this over and over until you have the desired amount of yarn on your stick. Once you've got your yarn completed, take your medium sized wood balls and string them onto pieces of yarn. My suggestions here is if you want it to be equal, please count out how many pieces of yarn are dangling, find the middle piece of yarn, place your first wood ball on that piece of yarn, then work your way out (separate them by 2-4 piece of yarn or to your liking).
Eventually my plan is to use this copper looking spray paint to spray the small wood balls, then string on the yarn as I did with the large wood balls. My intentions are to keep the small wood balls on the same piece of yarn as the large wood balls, but have them set further down the piece of yarn in the same fashion. There's something simple about just having it the way it is currently, so paint them or don't. I don't care either way. It is your project and will be going up in your home, not mine. 
Again, do what you want.
Once you've decided you'r done with your wall hanging, wrap a piece of wire, yarn, etc. around one end. Then leave some slack where it can by, then tie the other end to the opposite side of the stick. Then take your hammer and nail and get it nailed in the wall, hang your wall hanging, and enjoy your homemade piece of artwork.
The. End.

For some reason describing how to attach the yarn to the stick was extremely difficult for me this morning. I most likely would be getting a "D" on my "how-to" paper right now. I always hated how-to papers anyway...obviously I didn't take too much away from that lesson. Anyway, if you decide to make it, have fun. Enjoy a quick and easy craft on this rainy day!