Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bringing Life To The Spare Room

We have too many bedrooms for two people who sleep in the same room. Someday we plan to fill them with children, but not yet. In fact, not for a while (hopefully that answers some of your questions ;-) ). So in the meantime, what do you do with those extra rooms in the house? As most people do, we made one of our rooms into a spare bedroom for our guests or mostly people who housesit for us like my brother and cousin. Well they don't share the bed by any means, but one of the two use it while they're here. I'm sure you knew what I meant.

I also decided to take over the room for myself as well. The closet is nearly a walk-in closet for me since I can fit myself in there. It just wasn't meant to be a true walk-in closet. Who said you can't make believe? And did I mention the previous owners put in an ikea-like set up in there? I don't care what any of you say about Ikea, I'm in love with the organization of this closet. In. Love. That's right. Plus it was only fair that I got the biggest closet in the house though, wouldn't you agree? 
That's what I thought too.

Here's the mini tour of what we've got started in the spare room. Mind you, all the pieces were either given to us, fixed up by Ty, or made by me.

That bed...a gift from my Mom & Dad. 
Best spare bed for those nights too hot to sleep upstairs.
The lamp....ikea special.

That old chair you wonder about...a chair from Papa Joe's study 
(given to us years ago from the two of them)
The basket...a birthday gift that came with various sizes to match.

That dresser...a freebie that Ty sanded and stained.
That bird cage...a gift from a good friend, Kari.
That crystal piece...a gift from Ty's grandparents. It is fabulous when it's all lit up!

And that wall art...my nature walk stick find, a ball of yarn, and some wood beads all came together (idea from Kelli Murray's blog). For some of you, you may remember a picture I posted many weeks ago...that one with a stick and a piece of yarn? Well that eventually became this guy. It's currently hanging on the wall for now, but one of these days I'll finish painting the last detail that belongs to it. One day. Just not today and probably not tomorrow.

I'm taking a minimalist approach to the decor if you couldn't tell. It makes the room look clean and spacious with the fewer amount of things taking up the space. And yes, there's barely any color. I know. Once I find the right fabric to cover the small pillow and a neat blanket, the color will make a pop to the room. And if I never find what I'm looking for, then I'm still ok with this look.

Of course, there is still a few things needed to finish off this space such as night stand(s), bed frame, & a few books...that being said, if any of you happen to spot wire night stands and a few Native American books holler at me. And by holler, I mean send me a message, text me, scream at me if you spot me around town. Any of the above works. Thanks in advance!

Looking forward to sharing updates with you whenever it is I get around to finding those long lost items that belong in this room. Until then, hope you enjoyed the beginnings to the spare room!

♡C. Lou