Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Making A Backyard Come Together On A Dime (+ some)

Nobody can make a fire pit area on a dime. Let's get real. And if you can, please let me know how you did it. I'd be amazed by your abilities. The only way we were able to get away with making our backyard what it is today is via a few freebies, repurposed items, sale items, and gifts. 
Curious how we did it? Check it out below!

(PS-things aren't officially complete back here. However, we figured we'd share our tips on how to
get an inexpensive DIY backyard gathering area)

Welcome to the Stanley backyard!

The Fire Pit Area

"The Lounger"
-made of 6 pallets, given to us free by Ty's Dad
-old wood to cover the pallets from Ty's childhood home's fence (again, free)
-1 ikea twin mattress pad ($79)
-8 various sized ikea pillows (2.99-6.99)
-fabric from Joanns (used 50% coupons, various prices depending size of pillow) made by Ty's Mom
-casters from Home Depot (8.99 each)

The lounger is in full use, but it still needs to be stained...
it will happen sometime. When...who knows?!

Display the wood in a fun basket. You can always change the color with spray paint
or in this case, I left it like this to bring in some more color around the fire pit!
-giant basket: Home Goods ($35)

S'mores Table!
-ikea table ($15)
-mason jar with flowers (free from our wedding)
-Solar powered mason jar light (free, housewarming gift)
-milk bucket (Home Goods, $15)
-fire pit sticks (free, a wedding gift package from my parents)
-s'mores basket, not shown (free, was a gift package)

Fire Pit
-the "pit" and cover (free, part of the wedding gift from my parents)
-stones from Lowe's (free, used 15% coupon and gift card given to us from a housewarming gift)

Fire Pit Seating
-tree stumps (free)
The story behind these is that they are called Trees To Heaven, a tree that originates from
an Asian country. Ty was driving through the neighborhood and saw all these stumps in our
neighbor's driveway. He knew we'd eventually get around to finding some stump seats to place around the fire pit, but God decided to place this lovely gift right in front of us! Ty knocked on our neighbors door and asked what they planned on using them for and their plan consisted of nothing...so guess
who got some free, neat, old tree stumps!

And for the kids...
-adirondack chairs (6.99 from Ace Hardware), then spray painted black

The Deck/Eating Area

This whole area still has some updates to come...things such as eventually getting around to
making or finding neat old stools for the table, staining the deck, getting a new umbrella for the
table, and the list seems to continue on. It has served it's great purpose is providing an outdoor
eating area for us so I suppose we're in good enough shape for the time being.
One day, some day we'll show you how it turns out once it's complete. 
Until then...here's the DIY deck and eating area!

This is the upper level area of the deck. One step below is another part of the deck (where I'm standing)
where we like to utilize the space for our beverage area for gatherings...

-umbrella (gift from a few years ago; someday we'll get a new one to go with the table)
-potted flowers (gift from my mom; she found them, pots and all, on sale at Fred Meyers for only $20!)
-table (see below)

"The Table"
-this table once belonged to Papa Joe. My dad had stored it in their backyard for quite some time,
unsure what he had planned on using it for. Well he found it's purpose and a great new home.
-needless to say, it was a free, wonderful gift to be given as we will cherish it and 
the memories from it!
-it was partly painted and need a little fixing up, but you can see that DIY blog post another day!

-bench (free/repurposed)
-this bench was once the "bar" to the hot tub cover the previous owners had on the side
of the house. We had no intentions in getting a hot tub, so we've repurposed all the wood and
it's frame for other things...one of them being a bench for the deck. More seating = bigger parties!

The Beverage Deck
-ikea beverage cart ($89)...great for a lemonade bar, a mixed drinks bar, or serving cart
-large tin ($20, Home Goods)...great for keeping beverages cold as a giant ice bucket!

And a sneak peek to our "one day, some day" chicken coop...
-wood frame, eventually our chicken coop (free; repurposed from the old hot tub cover)

We've covered two spaces. One large fire pit area and two parts to our deck. The grand total was approximately $375, which I must say isn't too bad. Sure, it's not dimes and nickels but I like to think of it in a bigger picture...some people buy really nice outdoor table furniture anywhere from $200-$500 and that's not including the fire pit, additional seating, and serving/catering pieces. A big thanks to all those who provided a way in making our backyard on a budget!

Hopefully you not only got a little insight on what our backyard gathering area looks like, but maybe a few extra ideas on how to pinch pennies to get your backyard ready on a budget!