Sunday, September 7, 2014

Menu Planning (Stanley BLD + S)

Remember way back...back when we put together the Stanley BLD+S? Feels like ages ago. Probably because it was. As I've said a million times, I haven't been able to keep up with all this blogging between all these life events, work, and house stuff. Not that many of you have been reading it anyway, so I barely even feel bad. I've decided summers are busy for who is going to bother sitting and reading the blog when there's a million other things to do in the PNW. Feel me?

Back to the Stanley BLD+S. It's back, but back in a lazy way. And for two reasons. One, because I didn't provide you with the grocery list and two, because I'm reusing some recipes from the old BLD+S. This time it's just a different order and has just a few new things. So let's welcome it back this week because who knows how long I can keep up with the blogging again!

The photo below contains the main dinner courses. It obviously doesn't have the breakfast, lunch, and snacks. That's why you have to scroll down, get the details, & click on the menu item for the link to the recipes! That's easy enough though, right?

*Blackberry coconut flour muffins (recipe on the costco coconut flour bag)
with Amylu sausage and/or nitrate free bacon
*Scrambed eggs, bacon, & avocado with Ty's famous fruit smoothies

*LEFTOVERS. Always LEFTOVERS from dinner the night before!

*Side dish: sliced watermelon

*Main dish: Stuffed chicken breasts (pre-prepared from Chucks, primal)
*Side dish: my aunt's garden beets, boiled and chopped, served with goat cheese (primal)
Elana's pantry rosemary bread (omitted the olives), & sliced peaches

*Main dish: Lettuce wrapped tacos
(ground beef or turkey seasoned as you wish, toppings as you wish, wrapped in lettuce.
Doesn't get any easier, trust me)
*Side dish: piel melon

*Side dish: nectarines & primal Brazilian dough balls
(I found the premixed bag from World Market, believe it or not.)

(side note: I used almond milk cheese, thinking it was primal...apparently they put rice flour
in the cheddar cheese. However, I don't think they do in the pepperjack!)

*Turkey, bacon, avocado, and tomato roll ups
*Garden fresh beets with goat cheese salad, a piece of leftover paleo rosemary bread,
& nitrate free salami

You've got the paleo/primal BLD+S menu for the week, now it's time to make your grocery list.
If only you could talk someone into doing the shopping, you'd be set.