Wednesday, September 3, 2014

More Than Just A Ski Run

Back in the day, my dad use to make my brother and I ski before we could do anything else (i.e. tube, wakeboard, etc.). We weren't huge fans back then. Obviously somewhere along those lines, all that changed. Neither of us would get on a tube or wakeboard if a ski was in front of us. So Dad, you did good. And as much as we didn't love that before, we wouldn't change that for a million bucks! Well, maybe Curt would but I've never actually asked him. Somehow I highly doubt it though.

Those ski runs back then didn't mean a whole heck of a lot since we were terrible, but it only prepped us for those future ski runs. And those ski runs now...they mean more than just jumping in the water and getting pulled behind a boat.

*They mean early mornings. Mornings before most people are awake and/or off to work.
*They mean new skills. "Pull to the hip." "Cut all the way through the wake."
"Stop bending at the waist."
*They mean day dreams. Dreams of pulling to the hip, a giant rooster tail, or being parallel to the water.
*They mean new ski gloves. Because I've learned the hard way without them.
*They mean wipeouts. Wipeouts that half the time we wish we had on tape because some of the crazy ways we've taken a spill.
*They mean learning to finesse backing down a truck with a trailer.
Let's just say some people are better than others. (One hint, I've got some practice ahead of me)
*They mean injuries. Pulled muscles, headaches, day-after stiffness, & large bruises.
You name it, we've all been there.
*They mean triumphs for the newbies. One ski or two, you were setting records for getting friends/family up for the first time this year!
*They mean big breakfasts at Mom & Dad's after some good ski runs. GF pancakes, sausage,
and eggs. A typical Dad breakfast.
*They mean family time. Father-daughter time, brother-sister time, father-son time. And sometimes we could get a few others in that mix (sister-in-law, aunt, or friends).
*But in the end, each of those ski runs, each of those wipeouts, each of those lessons learned, and all that family time...they mean the world to me.

So as we end the season (although there is a possibility of getting a few more ski runs in this month), I think about every run that got better, then worse, and better again. I think about all those times we had big homemade "Dad" breakfasts afterwards. I constantly think and actually can feel my muscles tighten in the way they should when I pull to my hip or pull myself across the wake. And while we're in the off season, I will think about how every time I went out there....I got to enjoy the ride.
And for that alone, I am truly blessed!

And to those who made their one time showing on the river for a ski run. Good job ladies!

To all the rides and time together during the 2014 ski've been good to us!

Happy Birthday Dad! We love you to the moon and back!