Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Old Job, New Job, & A Must Have For Many Reasons!

Sometimes in life we need to add just one more thing to our plate. Just what I needed, right? I thought my plate was darn well full, but apparently there was a little space for this special new gig! I promise it's a nice little thing and something I want you all to enjoy as well. What, where, and why....I'll get there, but give me a minute. In the meantime, I've cut my hours back at work to help with the back pain/issues I've been having. We're hoping that a few less hours and more opportunities for physical therapy may give it some time to rest and decrease the pain. Plus, it provides us time for some upcoming things (I promised we'd let ya in on a few things this Fall, didn't I?). That, we will touch on later!

So this job...it isn't real time consuming, it has no stress, it tastes good, and it helps the Stanley fam get their business up and going! I guess you can call me the "spice girl" deliverer! You got it...I deliver product to New Seasons for Cause & Effect Foods (click the name and it will link you to their site).

my "spice girl" delivery tee. makes me look more official ;-)

Ty's Aunt & Uncle started up this business in which they produce wonderful spices of all sorts....the base to all the spices is dried kale. Who would've thought?! I can't even begin to tell you how fun it's been to sample out the varieties on all sorts of foods (in dips, on veggies, cooked on meats, etc). Our quick, easy, and a favorite is sliced, garden fresh Stanley tomatoes with the Tuscany kale garden fusion. On their website you can find links to various ideas for recipes when using any of the garden fusion varieties.

The Dish on the Co.
J&K's son (Ty's cousin) was found to be autistic many, many years ago. J&K decide to make a life on a small farm in which they would provide all natural foods for their family...the intention and idea being, of course, that food has a "cause & effect." By buying their product, you would be supporting more than just a healthy lifestyle for yourself...You'd be supporting autism and Cause & Effect foods!

J&K (owners of Cause & Effect Foods) and the company are based locally in Oregon. The products are gluten free, MSG free, and all natural. You can be them in most New Seasons in the Portland Metro areas as well as Vancouver. They are committed to serving those with Autism and charities associated with Autism. Be sure to check out their website for more information about the company, garden fusion flavors, recipes, and/or place an order online instead of making that drive to New Seasons!

a few of our favorites!

The next time you're in New Seasons, hunt down a few varieties of the kale garden fusions. They come in larger sized containers than most spices, they are super tasty, and make cooking easier for me. And we all know how much I love quick and easy! They have yet to disappoint and I'm not saying that because it's family and because I work for them. No bias whatsoever ;-) You can't go wrong with any of the flavors! Have at 'em and enjoy!