Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The New Oatmeal: CSP

This isn't actually new and I'm pretty sure I've blogged about it before, but let's get real...this stuff is the new oatmeal. Yet, it's like ten times better for various reasons. The catch is that you actually have to like chia seeds, chia seeds in almond milk, and the texture of it all when it's ready to eat. If you can handle all of the above, you're set. Seriously. If not, your life is not going to be as easy as let's say...everybody else who preps a million of these to make life extremely simple.

So yes, chia seed pudding is the thing. True fact. And instead of buying those mini chia seed pudding cups which are extremely pricey for such a small little guy....why not make a bunch on your own in preparation for all your quick mealtime needs or a snack to fill in between those meals. And who says you can't throw some cocoa powder in the mix of one to bust those cravings?!
AKA chia seed dessert pudding. Duh.

The Quick & Simple Supplies & Instructions
As quick as you can, gather your coconut or almond milk (we like the Silk brand), mason jars with lids, chia seeds, raw honey, your choice of fruit, raw nuts (mainly almonds), and mini tupperware containers.

Dump 1.5 cups of milk into your mason jar, then place 1-2tbsp of chia seeds in the almond milk. Place the lids on jars and shake all of them well. Let them sit for 5-10 minutes, come back and shake it again. Do this one more time, then place them in the fridge. I'm not here to tell you what you like for toppings, so whatever it is your heart desires in the chia seed them in a small tupperware for each day you plan to eat a jar of pudding (i.e. blueberries and almonds in one, strawberries and coconut flakes in another). It will make for a quick take-away when you're having a meal on the go or need a quick little snack! When you're ready to eat one, shake your container, open the lid, place the fruits and/or nuts inside the mixture, and then drizzle with some raw honey. Otherwise, if you want it all blended, place all of the above in a processor and do a quick blending and place it in your mason jar. Easy, simple, and quick.

Here are a few ideas...

1. blueberry with raw almonds
2. almond butter & banana
3. strawberry with unsweetened shredded coconut

I like easy. I like simple. I appreciate textured things. And I love putting toppings on food.
Chia seed pudding obviously works for me. Ty on the ohter hand, is not a fan.
So I wish you luck in loving these in hopes it makes life a little easier on you & your food prep.
That's all.