Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Papa Joe Table: Making Memories on Memories

There's nothing like receiving a gift that once served a purpose in someone else's home, especially after that person has passed away (and can you all believe, it's been nearly a year since he's passed?!). Papa Joe's picnic table served a purpose of family gatherings during holidays and even more so, all our birthdays. Lots of memories, lots of wear and tear, and then it settled into my parent's backyard once Grandma and Grandpa found a new table. After Papa Joe died, my dad left that picnic table in their backyard. Unsure what he'd use it for, he tucked it away for a "one day, some day" type of use. Well, that "one day, some day" came over and spotted that gem hiding in the backyard....that someone? It was me. Duh. And although my parents offered to buy a brand new backyard furniture set, I chose this beauty....because there were many more memories to be had with this old guy!

How To Repurpose Moderate Sized Wood Furniture

1 electric sander
5 pieces sandpaper (120; for sanding)
4 pieces sandpaper (220; for finishing after the major sanding)
1 can stain
3 packs cheese cloth
1 oil paint brush

Step 1: 
sand your wood furniture with 120 grit sandpaper

Keep sanding...

That's right...keep sanding til you get everything off that you need or until desires smoothness

Step 2:
Once you feel like you've sanded enough, use your 220 grit sandpaper to smooth out 
everything you've just done.

Step 3:
Use you cheese cloth on your entire piece of furniture to get all the gunk off.

Step 4: 
apply your first coat of stain

*tip: dip your paint brush into the stain, skim off one side against the side of the can,
and when applying the stain to your furniture be sure to use the same motion each time
(that's what the guy at Home Depot told me...he said the dummies go back and forth, back
and forth. I didn't want to be a dummy so I did one motion...most of the time ;-) )

all the different textures and colors bring the table so much more character...
one of my favorite things!

I loved the texture and different color it initially turned out with just one coat that I almost considered leaving it this way. However, my mind was absolutely set on having a stained black table...
which brings me to step 5.

Step 5: 
apply your second coat of stain once the first coat is dry

tip: do not do in the heat of the day!

Thanks to my dad for the gift, Papa Joe for the memories, and cheers to the repurposed Papa Joe
picnic table we look forward to using and making more memories with!

♥Cori Lou