Thursday, September 4, 2014

BTS, Aging, & Proud Moments

Guys, we're getting old! Every one of us. My brother and Ty are beginning to grow more gray hairs then they ever had this time last year. I can't even count them anymore. Not that I really did in the first place, but I wouldn't even try now. Don't become a teacher...I'm convinced that's what's happening to them. Unless you want summers off (which isn't a bad thing whatsoever). Then become a teacher.
Needless to say, we're all getting old and back to school is just another reminder of the aging process...because we sure aren't getting any younger as those kids get older!

But speaking of teachers and people who go to's that time! Back to school for all you teachers and students. For some, it's their first year to school. And we just happen to know a kid who turned 4 this year and decided he would go to school 3 times a week. What happened to those baby days, Casey John?!

And can I just say that I love Facebook right now. All those back to school photos are darling, hilarious/awkward, and bring back so many memories. I am in love with the variety of styles, the cool new lunch boxes, and the back-to-school pride. But my favorite thing is how proud each of you are of your children. It's a big moment in their lives, but also for yours. They are your babies, they are another year older, and they are on their way to becoming their own person year after year. So to all you Moms and Dads out there...good job getting them ready for another first day back to school and great job capturing it all for the rest of us to see!

Just like the rest of you, we are proud. Not of our kids (since we obviously have none), but of our nephew. We can be a super proud and biased Aunt & Uncle, right? I have nothing against it if you don't. Anyway, we couldn't resist. So we didn't. Instead, we did a little back to school shopping for our little man. Then Aunt Cori made him model for her. It was a big moment for him...first year for part time preschool! So of course it belonged on the blog. Duh. So here he is. (Can you imagine what will happen when he actually goes full time and hits the main stream schools...I'm in trouble!)

Here's to you and your first year of preschool!
Have a good first day Casey John.
Learn. Grow. Be Good. Thrive.

excited about his new 'fits

uncle toodle's pick

aunt dori's pick

We love you buddy!

And we hope that all your children thrive, grow, and learn this year as well...
and that they continue to do so all their lives! Give them the tools, give them the reassurance, 
and most of all, give them so much love!

For all you teachers (we can't forget you), we pray that your year is better than last, that you have the patience that us non-teachers will never have, that you see yourself flourish in your classroom, and that you see the growth of all your students take leaps and bounds. It's that time again...Go get 'em!

♡Uncle Toodles & Aunt Dori