Monday, October 20, 2014

A Runner's View In The Couve

"A runner's view" is just generally speaking. I'm not so sure I'd call myself a "runner" anymore though. If you want me to run 10 miles with you, I'll do it. However, I'm not running 10 miles often or frequently keeping up my mileage for anything in particular. And I kinda like it that way. In fact, I think I may have out ran myself in my early 20s, put in enough training for marathons, half marathons, short races, and racing against my own time. They were good days and now, I just take them as they come. It's what happens when you get old and achy ;-)

The few things that get me out on runs these days are these...

1. my friend Laura who can easily talk me into really long runs, 
although I'm really not too hard to convince!

2. days that are not super windy or down pours. Sun, light rain, & cold days, sure. 
But the rest, nah.

3. and views such as these:

-1/2 mile north of our house, the view of St. Helens.
(which apparently looks like just a cloud here, but I was not going to wait around for a perfect photo)

-another 1/2 mile west, the view of Vancouver Lake.

-3/4 of a mile east, the view of Mt. Hood.

-about 2 miles south, the Columbia River (and another view of Mt. Hood on a clear day).

Not bad, right? Vancouver needs a little extra credit for being kinda cool, so there you have it!
Come to the Couve for a mini tour around downtown & uptown on foot and get all sorts 
of views in various directions.

And on that note, do I dare get out  for a run right now?