Saturday, October 18, 2014

Friday Date Memories...Taking A Peek Over The Years!

It's unbelievable how fast all of us humans grow. Obviously when we're little babes, the change is much more drastic and noticeable. Two of my favorite humans keep growing and it's so much fun watching. Casey is really into all the boy stuff...things like legos and cars, pushing and shoving people, and adventurous chapter books. Evelyn is still the pack rat, carrying her sequined doggy purse, dolls, and purses at all times. She is obsessed with long hair. In fact, she wears wigs and hair extension clips. Some match her hair, some don't, but she sure doesn't mind either way. And best news yet...she has been officially potty trained (even through the night) for a couple weeks now!

For me, these dates mean more than anything. I feel pretty blessed to be able to be around these kiddos all the time, but to have our own day together is a whole different story....They can never get too big within that week, so I get to watch every inch of growth. May it be literally their growth in size, but also in their language, their knowledge in school and in life, their personalities, and their appetites (they are always hungry for anything, especially sweets). I get to see and hear all the new things going on in their lives. Things like soccer and gymnastics, school, who "climbed high," who peed and didn't pee, who has more legos and who has cool dog purses. All the important things in life, you know?

I can't thank you two enough for the weekly dates, the weekly kid practice, the weekly adventures, all the Aunt Dori & Uncle Ty loves, and all these memories!

Photos are in order from present to past & many Friday dates were not even captured
(which is crazy to think!)...but that's what happens when you don't have a smartphone/camera
phone until the year 2014.

Check out all our dates below!

Earth, Glaze, & Fire:
plate painting with Miss Kari

Gluten Free Cake Baking & Book Reading
(also getting locked out of the house day)

what the kids picked out for Uncle Ty's "early birthday cake"

Watching big bro's soccer games...

Westmoreland Nature Park
(please note Ev's hair's either a wig or hair extensions to go out in)

"Aunt Cori, take a picture of me climbing to send to Uncle Ty"

Back deck picnic on the back deck and playing in the yard on a nice spring afternoon...

Naked sprinkler running on a hot summer day

Coffee shop dates and light reading...
a little time to ponder life as a 4 year old
More afternoon play, but this time with Uncle Ty when he has summers off!

Berry pickin' with friends

Summer strolls & refreshing cream at Goodie's Market of course!

Hops Game & Bounce House Fun

River Time!

Can't go a year without going to the zoo. Duh!

Make believe play in the back alleys of the old Vancouver neighborhoods

More treats because they earned it...

they did all the early fall raking!

Trail walks and bike rides. Stick collecting. Rock skipping.

JJ Jump in sunglasses and wigs.

Monsters on the bed

High Tea at Mint Tea in our special upstairs corner room

with just a touch of honey/a bottle of honey...

Water Resource Center in Vancouver
(it's free!)

Surprising Uncle Ty with some Burgerville lunch!

John Deer Park...
nothing like a park that looks like a tractor for boys. It's like heaven for them!

OH boy...another park day and a drink to warm us up on a cold day!

More park play...
we love having our guests. Thanks for visiting Miss Meghan!

Library Time!

Playtime at home...because sometimes we don't have to go anywhere to have fun.

and just a reminder to all...Ev was not a fan of Uncle Ty. 
She obviously was crying before this photo was taken.

Fort building & mirror drawing with Aunt Dori's candles

Some kitchen floor story telling while we wait for cupcakes to bake

Fun with the iPad...

And a major throwback...from the early mornings I'd watch Ev before Case even would wake
and so Al could get a little extra rest. And the times before I even did more than take the
two of them out in a stroller on my own.

We have a lot of thanking to do to their guys have done very well! You make being an Aunt and Uncle way too easy for us (your parenting skills are great!). Plus we have lots of thanking for not just allowing us to take the kids every week but for your trust in knowing we will all survive an outing and bring them back to you in one piece! We love you guys for that.

We love your children to death and will until the day we die. Until then, we will keep soaking up all the days they will allow us to be around them because one day, some day, let's face it...they are going to want little to do with us ;-) Hard to believe, but we may not be as cool as we once were.
I'm already preparing myself for that day!

We love you two to the moon and back, Ev & Case.

♡Aunt Dori & Uncle Ty