Friday, October 31, 2014

HBD To My Main Squeeze!

So although the Huffington Post believes we're in our mid-40s, we're actually not. In fact, Ty is only turning the big 2-9 today. I guess they're a few years off. And by a few, I mean a lot. No big deal. Sometimes we all get confused and I guess the HP clearly was confused. We can appreciate the humor, nonetheless.

On the note of age...Ty is 29 today! 
Happy Birthday Love!

This morning we shared some non-paleo coffee drinks at our favorite little spot, conversing over the HP article and appreciating Ty's 29 years of life. Then he drove off to spend his birthday with middle school at school and then at basketball practice. Such an exciting 29th birthday, right? Good thing we've been celebrating him the last two weeks!

May your day be wonderful, may all the kids treat you so well at school, and may your basketball girls finally figure it out on your special day. At least we can hope for all those things! 

HBD, this year and for many more years to come!

♥your old toad...(your mid 40s toad)