Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Stanley BLD Menu

Newsflash (who says that anymore)! I'm human and just human. Apparently I can't knit a thousand hats, blog, work a regular job, meal plan, exercise, and keep up with some things going on in our life right now. As much as I like to think I can do most of that, there's always something that gets ditched. Blogging and meal planning were it. Not that we weren't eating because that would be unheard of around here. I mean, no meal is skipped in this home...it's just that everything was typically thrown together last minute or we did a lot of snacking on some paleo goods around the house. 

But this week, well I finally pulled my ish together and have a little something for you...a quick BLD menu for the week. You have to do the work as always. Yes, you have to grocery shop and cook it. But at least you don't have to go searching around for ideas, right?

Here you have it...the Stanley BLD menu for our (and your) week!
All recipes come from links we've come across recently. Many of which will be our first time trying them. And because we've already had a few this week, we can let you in on the secret...
so far, so good. Like really good!

with a side of eggs, bacon, or sausage
(double the batch of waffles so you have them for a few days during the week)

2. Zucchini & Chorizo Breakfast Casserole (add sundried tomatoes)
fruit salad (your choice of fruit)

3. The Quick Fix
just scramble eggs with all sorts of veggies
& toss yourself an apple or pear, they're great this time of year!

Leftovers. Leftovers. Leftovers.
(with any recipe we tend to make double the amount so we don't have to make a separate lunch. It works well for us)

serve with a side salad, fruit, and sweet potato chips

go buy yourself a fun new fruit to try out to serve with dinner...a horned melon, dragon fruit, etc.

3. Beef Stew (add a pack of mushrooms and a tablespoon of paprika)
serve with these dinner rolls

4. Special Guest Pizza!
we're having a special guest over (details to come later), so we're splurging on some Garlic Jim's
pizza. It is one of our favorite places to get gluten free pizza, so if you haven't tried it be sure
to get on that. Since we're splurging, that means you should too. Hope you enjoy!

5. Crock Pot Pork Loin with Applesauce
serve with sweet potato mash and a side salad
-place your pork loin along with 1 jar of unsweetened applesauce, 1/2 a chopped up onion,
dashes of salt, and dashes of pepper in your crock pot. Cook on high for 6-8 hours.
Serve applesauce over the pork.

That's all we've got for ya! The stew should get you (if you're a couple), up to three meals worth of food along with the rolls if you double the batch (of the rolls). That means you'll be set for 6-7 days on your meals. Don't get all worked up about finally having some meal planning, but I don't won't expect much of myself next week...at least getting around to making a blog post about our menu. 
That may or may not happen with our upcoming schedule. If it does happen, go buy a lottery ticket.
That's how lucky we all may be ;-)

Happy cooking!

♥Cori Lou