Thursday, October 2, 2014

Leftover Tomaters?

If you planted tomatoes this year, you probably have them growing out your ears. Am I right? We got really excited and planted like 5 different kinds. Exciting stuff to say the least. But we obviously didn't know we'd get pound after pound of all shapes, sizes, and colors of tomaters. At first, I gave bags out to the way to get in with them, right? Then I realized they probably didn't want any more so I went back to the drawing board. I decided that sun dried (aka dehydrated) tomatoes are my new favorite thing. It's just as exciting to see that many things grow in your garden as it is to see how many sun dried tomatoes are being produced in that dehydrated. You'd think I'd be ok to just throw some out or if it slipped through the cracks, no big deal...but apparently I feel the need to save all the tomatoes. Nothing can go bad. Nothing. Why am I so weird??

But what else do you do with the tomatoes? I've got 5 of the top ways we'd prefer to use them, however let's just say I went a little overboard this year on just sun dried tomatoes. Like maybe a bit
too overboard. And by overboard I mean I dehydrated tomatoes for three days straight. It makes the house smell wonderful and then you'll have a million dried tomatoes to eat. Easy. I like easy.
Peek below for a few ideas (nothing new to life) and links to recipes!

1. sun dried tomatoes
slice large tomatoes into thin slices or cut baby tomatoes (cherry, grape, etc.) in half.
place in your food dehydrater at 135 for about 8 hours.
place in an airtight baggy or as some do, can with olive oil and spices!
-Throw them in with eggs or on cauliflower pizza or meatzas

2. fresh salsa
chop up your tomatoes in small bits, add regular and spicy peppers, garlic, spices, etc.
place in an airtight container. serve as you wish with what you wish.
-Mango Salsa
-19 Homemade paleo salsas

3. eat them whole/slices with Cause & Effect spices
sprinkle your kale garden fusion spice all over your sliced tomatoes.
if you're not paleo, serve with a specialty cheese or some bread.

4. make tomato soup

5. make pizza or pasta sauce
again, find your own recipe that you prefer.
-Freezer pizza sauce

Now get choppin' on all those 'maters before they go bad!

♡Cori Lou