Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Meet The Halloween Clan: The Stanley Skellys!

There are a few holidays we like to go all out for. Halloween is one of them and for a variety of reasons. Let me just let you in on a few of them...

1) it's Ty's bday. Duh.
2) it's a great holiday. You get to be anything & nobody will/should judge.
3) it reminds us of New Orleans. Just need some coffee & beignets!
4) & our neighborhood is super into Halloween....
like we get nearly 500 kids treatin' around this hood!

So welcome to our little place!
Come meet our Skellys in person on Halloween or just peek at them below.

There you have've met the Halloween clan:
The Stanley Skellys!

And a little peek on the inside...
Our Nola themed mantel...
photos from Nola at the Saints game, DIY skulls, a DIY framed old newspaper, hand painted S, handmade bats by Ty, and our very own French Quarter sign!

The obviously taken on Ty's bday (hence the set up for food)

If you so wish to join the hundreds of children that come walk the neighborhood for lots of neat treats, let me know. I can direct you to where we like to call home, where Halloween is the big thing around here, and where kids and families feel safe through the dark night!

Happy Haunting this Friday...
and be sure to remember to wish Mr. Stanley a big HBD!