Thursday, October 23, 2014

Papa Joe Day

We call it Papa Joe Day around here. Some people celebrate birthdays. We apparently celebrate those and in addition, the day of one's death. So it was suiting to call it Papa Joe Day, right? I swear we're not morbid. I guess you can say we appreciate all aspects of life...and death.

So the plan (per Ty) was that he was going to take me for a "cup o' jo" for Papa Joe day, but because I work 12 hours, there would not be any coffee shops open that early. Instead, he baked us some treats and got us some chocolate almond milk to celebrate a wonderful man (I can't drink his cheap beer he use to drink due to the celiac disease, so that's where the chocolate milk came into play). 
It's been so nice to bring up memories, remember the time spent with him in the hospital, and reflect over the last year. Nothing like celebrating a guy who can't even make it to his party ;-)

I also went to visit a few days before. Not long, but I visited. Alone, yet in your presence.

Did I mention he's got quite the view from up there?

If you've lost someone you held close to you, make it a special day. Turn that day around, making it a day of celebration rather than a sad, gloomy day. If it's a beer they loved, drink it. If it's a movie they made you watch, watch it. And whether it be the day of their death or a day they loved during 
the year...celebrate them!

So today, we celebrate you Papa Joe! 
Play those musical tunes on your piano above while we celebrate you down below.
Happy Papa Joe Day!