Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The ____ Room: The Room With All Sorts Of Names!

The loo, the rain closet, the shit house, the office the standers & sitters room. It's got all sorts of great names. Call it what you want. That's why I left a blank spot in the title just for you. If you've got any other names for it, we're happy to hear them. We find those sorts of things to be quite funny. We, on the other hand, just call ours the bathroom. It's simple, it's not even funny, and to be honest, it's pretty lame. That may need to change.

I've decided that if you spend part of your life in the bathroom, it only makes sense to make it a comfy spot to be in. They don't call it the throne for nothing, right? So why not decorate it, make it feel comfy, and give it a fresh feeling (as fresh as a bathroom could ever feel, right?) Feel me? Finding humor in it all was a must...when you've got a bowel disease, part of your family has various bowel diseases, and you happen to be a nurse, you start to have a sick humor. It happens. Appreciate the humor in some of the decor or don't. I won't care either way. If nothing else, they've made for great conversation pieces.

Scroll down to see how we've begun to make a small-medium sized 1940s bathroom work for us...
our style. our humor. best ways to organize. and it's character.

Our Bathroom:
part redone, part not at all redone. I've decided it's a nice combo. In fact, I like to chalk it up by using the phrase "it gives it character." When in fact, we are nowhere near the ability (time & financially) to redo what's not updated. For all we know, those cabinets were from the 1940s when the house was built. Like I said...Character. Thank goodness for a can of paint to spiff them up real quick...

World Market-$12.99. Walmart-$5.99-$8.99 (size dependent).
I'll let you decide where you want to shop. You can probably guess which one I went with.

Top left basket is for my daily necessities, bottom left basket is for the rare days I ever do my hair, bottom right basket are hair items I use frequently for the days I never do my hair, and 
top right is Ty's side. I figured I should give him a little spot in the bathroom for a few of his things.
How nice of me, right?

Disregard the lovely looking paper on the shelves. Again, it's the home's "character".
One day, some day these will disappear and we will find something more appealing to fix it up with.

Whoever came up with baskets for a cute way to store things was a genious. 
I praise you for that.

If your baskets don't fit in your cabinets, take off the handles. For our large baskets I had to
do this. It's not rocket science, you can figure it out.

Ty's craftiness and homemade ability with a little assistance from his Dad to get them on the wall.

Don't ask how he made them. I saw the beginning of them, then the end of them.
They are due to be stained one day some day by this gal...whenever it is I get around to it.

The Antique Razor & Brush:
this was given to Ty as a gift. It's easy access for Ty when he wants to use it. Otherwise it gets
to sit pretty on the shelf. It fits perfect in its spot on this shelf.

The Pot & Plant:
Ikea. I think everybody has this pot and a succulent from them.
let's get real. I'm pretty sure this pot and plant doesn't fit the theme we've got going. However,
before we got all the decor up and going this was the first thing in the bathroom. Hence
the reason it's still here and will be here until I decide otherwise.

The Urinal:
I wish you were all at the antique store when I found this. You'd think I found gold. And most of you know I'm not kidding. If this doesn't get you, you may die when you find out what else came with this lovely decor piece...a bed pan. A freaking, Metal. Bedpan. Tell me you didn't really die now that I've told you. You better believe I bought both items. They were suppose to go together on the shelf but the bedpan was too big. Trust me, I'll find another purpose for planting flowers in it or something ;-)

Chalkboard Frame:
our wedding. Used at two other weddings.

It just so happened we were playing around with what would go on the shelves and this was thrown up there as a chalkboard frame that would be used. Well it was never updated. Once we thought about what it said and where it was located (in the bathroom)...we decided it needed to stay there in that form. Maybe we'll change it one day. Maybe we won't. Until then, we will laugh at the fact it by chance ended up in here next to the Poopourri.

St. Vincent Hospital if you want a large selection. Bed Bath & Beyond if you want two option.
All all fabulous and hilarious all in one bottle. Get one, I dare you. 


Apothecary Lotion & Bath Salts:
World Market.
I overpaid for these stupid things. I knew I was overpaying when I was overpaying, if that even makes sense. I also knew they were the only things I've found that had the similar style of the bathroom, 
that didn't make me feel sick when I smelled them, and fit well together in the basket. I'm pretty sure I paid more for these things than I paid for everything else combined in the bathroom. Not exactly my
shining moment or the best deal, but apparently I caved into it anyway.

Chalkboard Sign:
Craft Warehouse

I'm a nurse. I hate when patients wipe themselves and don't think to wash their hands afterwards. Or the moment they pass their hands through the running water then dry them off immediately (as though it "counts" as washing). It doesn't count, it never counts. More often than not, they decline which you can guarantee I make my "grossed out" face in my mind. So if you plan on coming to my house and you happen to use the bathroom, plan on washing your hands. If you don't, plan on this sign haunting you the rest of the time you're at my house. 
Fair enough?

The Rock:
found on an adventure in Colorado.
Chris & Courtney, you will always be thought of in our bathroom! ;-)

The Pot & Plant:
Ikea. Duh.
Again, another one of those first items in the bathroom. It may stay, it may go.
I'm kinda feelin' this one so it just may stay put in it's spot.
No judging my combo of antique and succulent decor.

As always, we still have work to do to finish it all up. I apparently like to give updates along the way if you couldn't tell from the rest of the house posts. Why save it to it's completed state when 
you can see how we truly live in it for the time being. You can just live through the posts so you don't have to actually live through the uncompleted process with us. We'll spare you that much!

Here's to partly completed bathrooms, bathrooms with humor, and never ending house projects.