Monday, October 27, 2014

The "Wal-Mart Special" Birthday Bash

Is there a dash between Wal and Mart? I'm not even sure. It didn't look right as a whole word, so I went with the dash. And I could be completely wrong (in fact, I'm pretty sure I am wrong). Probably the first time I've ever been wrong (kidding). However, I've decided I'm going with what looks best rather than what's correct. So no need to correct me because I'm going with it, like it or not.

So the meaning behind the "Walmart Special" birthday bash was this...everybody was required to pick themselves up their best Walmart halloween garb for the party. Whatever was in the halloween section was theirs to ponder. What we ended up with were skeleton shirts, pumpkin shirts, superhero shirts, pajama tops and bottoms, and homemade shirts. Much cheaper and much easier than 
having a costume party!

The Fam in Their Walmart Specials...
Thank goodness for the 10 second setting on Pennie's phone to get us all in!

You can make a homemade shirt for less than 10 bucks...a men's $4 shirt at Walmart plus
iron on letters in Walmart's craft section for 3 bucks. Things got a little crooked, but
I never claimed to be a professional t-shirt maker.

Simple Food Setup...
Cups: we used cling-ons for the faces and they are reusable for the next party (target)
Straws: bright green and black zig-zags (walmart)
Swamp Juice: 2 containers of Simply limeade, 1 bottle of Perrier sparkling water. Add a few drops of green coloring and whole blueberries for the effects. Simple, easy, & tasty. 
Big hit for the kids and adults!

Every year, we've done a chili feed for Ty's birthday. This year it was his favorite paleo bacon & pineapple chili along with Ty's Mom's paleo chicken chili. Both were a hit!

The Spread...
-paleo close as you will get to cornbread!
-baby oranges (to look like pumpkins)
-a lazy susan filled with avocado chunks, cilantro, mozzarella cheese for the primal chili, and
fritos for the non-paleo chili.
-caterpillars...aka grapes on a stick.

Pie box-reused from our wedding
Napkins-assorted varieties, all sold at Target for $1

Dessert...Caramel Apple Bar
Tip: buy mini apples...they are so much easier to work with, easier for kids to eat,
less junk your kids will most likely be able to put on them, and a fun size for all!

The Family...
(missing: my dad, who was out hunting in Eastern Oregon)
Meet Turner...he belongs to Nick & Pennie. He's 2 1/2!

Casey & Bumpa aka Batman aka Mark (Ty's dad)

Debby (very close friend, may as well be Aunt Debby on Ty's side) 
& Kathy (Ty's mom)

Mom & Me

Pennie, Nick, & Turner

Brother & Sister

Brother & Sister

and ALL Of Us In Our Finest Moments...

Mike (our brother-in-law in the red) vs Nick

Bang your caramel apple on the ground, then eat it. I think it's a thing for luck...

And then this happened...

The attempt to put the whole body together via two outfits on two different people.
(yes, I know the tibia & fibula don't belong on the femur, but it's as close as we could get)

The man of the night and the man I love so much...


 I may be biased, but I think you have the best birthday EVER! Not everybody dresses up on birthdays, not everybody gets buckets of candy on birthdays, and not everybody has a birthday in such a lovely time of year like it is around here. Don't get me wrong, there's lots of good things about all the other months here, but if you're going to have a birthday fall on a holiday....make it happen on Halloween!

Love you everyday, Ty!