Monday, November 10, 2014

2 Stanleys, 3 Kiddos!

I'm pretty sure I was more excited about going to this place than the kids were. Then I was even more excited as we drove up to it. It was seriously like a real life Thomas. The giant doors that housed the massive trains. And then the trains that had wheels much larger than I ever even knew. And then, all the knowledge the volunteers share about the trains...I could keep going on and on. Let's just say I'm still excited about it and am partly in love with trains at the moment.

There are a lot of things that make my heart melt. But an evening with Ty and those three kiddos brought such joy to my heart. Sorry to get mushy for a second, but I needed to make sure you understand how much I love those kiddos, my husband, and our date nights we get with them. If you haven't figured it out, being an Aunt to me is one of my most favorite things :-)

But back to the's not a real big place, but they sure have some big items hanging around in there. Be sure to check this place out!

I tell ya...if you ever need experience with children, borrow lots of nieces and nephews or your friends' kids. Pile them in a car, take them somewhere fun, then take them to a grocery store (that is the biggest test of all), get them to all sit and eat dinner at the dinner table, and then find an activity for the evening in the basement (things such as food....Pirates Booty is great, just tell them it's pirate's food and they're super into it). It's doable. Well, one night is doable. Who knows if more than that is possible.
But seriously, give it a try. We wish you luck ;-)