Thursday, November 27, 2014

4 Things

I don't think I could get any four, more random things put together into one. But it is about to happen. And I'm about to try to do it real quick. And by real quick, as quick as I can get the words out. Which more times than not, it's not that quick. So here you have it....

1. Worldy Beanies.
We've decided to do a "Black Friday" sale. I laugh at myself thinking about it. I swore I wouldn't make any more hats, but I did it anyway to get rid of the leftover yarn. But then I still went out and found some new yarn with new I "HAD" to buy them. And then I trapped myself into making more hats in those colors. So I haven't slept much in the last few days. That just means you all better buy every single hat because I don't want any more hats lying around in the house. Seriously them all because your child needs one, your friend who is having a baby needs one, they are great stocking stuffers, and I want everybody to share the warmth of these hats. Plus, they will never be this inexpensive ever again. Got it?

2. #EDIC aka Every Day I Crush.
Just a little shout out to my husband. The man who I don't ever #mcm because I crush on him every damn day, all day. The man who has been putting up with all the hat making, all the blogging, holding down a full time job plus coaching, who takes care of chickens in his "spare time," who manages to find time for things that involve our next journey in life, and the man who loves me every day. I'm so incredibly thankful for you. Every day, all day. #EDIC.

3. Nontraditional Thanksgiving.
I work various holiday throughout the year. This year one of them happens to be Thanksgiving. So instead, we had our own mini one with my side of the family last night and I thought you all should know what we had to eat. Because I also think you need to make this next time you have family or friends over for dinner. It's all way to easy, you won't even think you did a darn thing! We mixed a little of LKC with PaleOMG and a side of various fruits to make up our pre-Thanksgiving meal. Click the links below for your menu planning for your next event!
Brazi Bites (just Gluten Free, but great if you're not interested in making paleo rolls...
hit or miss on where these are located)
Mixed Fruit (your choice on fruits, slice and dice, serve in a bowl, and eat up)

PS-get yourself some fun napkins and napkin rings. It dresses up the table without having to do
much of anything. Thanks for the Xmas gift exchange gift, Kait!

4. Chicken Garage WOD.
We don't have turkeys, which would've made the name of this WOD about 100 times better and at such a perfect time. But since we don't, we'll call it what it is. A WOD in the garage with chickens. You may not have chickens in your garage. In fact, I can pretty much guarantee that you don't. But because we do, we'll go with it. This is what is about to are all about to head to your garage (or maybe just a good space you like to workout in somewhere in your home) and get your WOD on. Look below for your pre-meal workout. Get it done early. Trust me. You won't want to do it later. Because later you'll be going back for like the thirds and fourths of Thanksgiving dinner (at least I would if I wasn't working)...and definitely not thinking about working out. So finish reading this and get a move on!

Run 2 miles, then...
For 20 minutes...
on the odd minutes, do 40 double unders (or 160 single jump rope)
and on every even minute, do 12 burpees
(rest with any leftover time in that minute)
Run 2 miles

So those four random things...they obviously just happened. Now it's time for you to get that workout in, feed your face with some good home cooked or store bought Thanksgiving meal, and crush on that one you're so very thankful for. Because sometimes you need all those things in one.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

♡The Stanleys (and our lady chicks)