Monday, November 24, 2014

Meet The Ladies!

Before I get started, let me just give you a little background to what finally became our chicken coop...

When we moved in, there was a place where the previous owners obviously had put a hot tub in our backyard. Surrounding it was a well-built structure that covered it and had a bar along the outside. We knew we were not going to be getting a hot tub, so my cousin and brother helped break it down so we could repurpose the wood. The plan was to use it all for a chicken coop. Well the bar part of it went to being a bench on the deck, some of the wood was cut down and used for fire wood, and the rest of it is still standing behind the garage. Still TBD what we will actually use it for (a makeshift shed, a play house down the road, hold fire wood, etc.)

When we realized it was going to cost us just as much (if not more) to repurpose the wood into a chicken coop, we began to look around to see what was out there. I'll give credit to my dad as he pointed us to a few on Craigslist. Within 10 minutes of searching, I came across a beautiful looking chicken coop in North Portland. My first thought..."How cool. Some guy must be making these locally, trying to sell them for a great deal." And seriously, it was a fabulous deal if you ask us! Ty called the number and the man he spoke with told us that if we come, we must call ahead of time so they can have the showroom ready. My second thought was then, "a legit chicken coop maker and dealer. And he even has his own little shop in No-Po." It wasn't until we actually drove there that I began to realize that my first two thoughts were probably wrong. Next thing we know we're down on Swan Island in a warehouse type building with all sorts of items you could ever possibly think of!

So although it seemed pretty sweet that we were getting this local deal...that's not at all what happened. We ended up buying a coop from a warehouse that was actually made in China. We now joke that it was made in China, sold in the USA, and assembled in Washington. Almost local.
Same difference, right?

Anyway, that's our story. The coop is kinda like Ikea furniture but in a China chicken coop version. 
Now here are our ladies.
Meet Cindy (red/brown), John (black with white spots), Kathy (white), & Mark (brown).

Yes, I know those are male names, but we don't care.
We get more of a kick that they have our parents' names (for those of you who don't know that).
They are beautiful, they've been our garage dwellers (until it warms up), and they will 
(we hope) give us some eggs come spring time!

We will start with 4 in hopes that goes well. If so, then we will add a couple more. If it doesn't
go well...well I'm sure I'll let you in on that!.
That all we've got for ya!
Have a wonderful Monday folks.

♥The Stanleys