Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Minor Life Change + A Little Challenge

Hey you all. And by you all, I'm mean the five people that are probably reading this right now. And two of the five who are probably skimming through to find the update. Don't worry, I'll get there.

Over the last few years, my back pain has continued to get worse. At one point, they thought it was ankylosing spondylitis. Praise the Lord, it was not! There are a few things throughout my back that aren't normal, but nothing amongst them needs surgery. Again, thank goodness! The problem with it all is the daily struggles. Pain, pain, and pain. Throw in a few uncomfortables and the feeling that you're not in the right body because of how awkward the feeling can get...and it's a great mix of how I feel just about every day.

I don't complain. It gets me nowhere. But over the years, I haven't stopped. Meaning, I work long hours...I don't take breaks from anything (knit until my hands fall off!)...I would never modify or cut back at CrossFit...and even when we travel we're super active (rock climbing and deep hikes in Thailand or carrying a huge backpack for 6 weeks). It's my nature. I love that about myself, but my back does not. 

A few months after I turned 28, I got a bit wiser. Not sure if it was the age that did it or what, but slowly but surely I began to remove some of those factors...I cut back my hours at work so I'd have one day where I only worked 8 hours instead of 12. I knew that once I finished the CrossFit competition, things would have to I began to modify a few things here and there (of course, not enough per the PT and massage therapist). Then I began to realize that certain movements were causing enough grief for far too many days thereafter the workout. I needed more than just modifying or a few days rest. My body needed a break. I needed a big break, maybe a month or maybe two.

Although I loved the workouts and competition, I sadly and with a little anxiety, left the CrossFit world at the beginning of this month. Trust me, it wasn't easy. It came with a few tears and questions of what in the h*ll am I suppose to do for exercise now?! So the last three weeks have been interesting to say the least. There's been plenty of running (something I never thought I'd ever do this much of again) and a lot of body movements. Some workouts I have yet to break a sweat and if I have, it was probably because I was wearing too many layers in a warm house. Needless to say, it's not quite the same.

(as a little side note, I have to tell you that Ty also left the gym to be my number one supporter at home without even being asked. I think he's quite the guy for that!)

(one of my favorite things about running through the neighborhood...
these old trees, all the leaves, and an empty street on an early run)

What I did decide to do was to take a little challenge though. So besides running, keeping up with weekly physical therapy and every two week massages, and little bits of AHWODs to manage the back situation...I've started what I call the Police Academy Challenge.
What it entails is the following...

150 miles (running)
10,000 push ups
40 hours DT (I call mine PT aka physical therapy because I don't need "wrestling" practice)
1,500 minutes aerobic exercise

All of that is to be completed in the time you're in the academy (about 5 months). I was informed a month into it (my cousin is currently in the academy, which is where I learned about this), so my challenge is to complete it in 4 months. However, with a poor I'm not so sure this will all happen. If it takes me 5 months, then fine. At least the challenge was completed, right?

So if any of you are interested in the civilian version of the Police Academy Challenge, get yourself ready for the beginning of December. Plan out the time it will take you to do it in 5 months and set a goal each day to knock out a few of everything. Even if it's very little, it encourages you to do the smallest bit of exercise on a day you may not have otherwise!

Good luck to you!