Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Other People's Recipes Stanley BLD

I take no credit for any of these recipes. But what I will take credit for is telling you how good they all were and the grocery list. Because it takes forever to make a grocery list (especially when you're feeling semi-ill and beat after 13 hours of work), make a blog about all this stuff, and share it with you guys. So that, I will take just a little bit of credit for. I like to think that's kinda fair. Fair enough if nothing else.

On that note or whatever note we want to be on, this is what we ate last week. 

-Banana Almond Butter Pancakes with a side of Nitrate Free Bacon-
Blend up 3 bananas, 2 eggs, & 2 tablespoons almond butter.
Heat pan on low heat and allow some coconut oil to melt on it. Spoon the batter onto
your pan, cook for a while at the low heat. Serve with some paleo toppings.

-Ground Beef, Fried Egg, & Guac Bowl-
cook 1 lb of beef with whatever spices you so wish, fry up a few eggs, mash some
avocados and season for guac, then serve all together in a bowl.

Leftovers, always and forever, leftovers.

-Loaded Sweet Potato Nachos-
Thinly slice sweet potatoes, cover in coconut oil and a little salt, bake on 400 degrees until crispy.
Cook up some ground beef or turkey, season as you so wish. Make some guac with your
avocados, cut up some tomatoes/use salsa, dice up some onions & olives, chop up jalapenos, and if you want to go primal, grate some cheese. Once your potatoes are ready, serve all you nacho toppings 
in a big bowl and devour it.

-Lexi's Clean Kitchen Pad Thai-

-PaleOMG Pulled Pork Bacon Waffle Sliders-

-Against All Grain Chile Verde Enchiladas-

-Lexi's Clean Kitchen Chicken Primavera-

I can't get enough for Lexi's Clean Kitchen lately, so lots of credit to her. And of course, to all the other recipes we used this last week. Couldn't have done it without any of them.
Below is the list of the major groceries you'll need to make all the meals. I did not include spices, although most of them should be things you have lying around the house.

Grocery List
1 bunch of bananas
almond butter
nitrate free bacon
2 lb ground beef
4-5 avocados
3 onions
1 can black olives
1 tomato
1 fresh jalapeno or 1 can jalapenos
cheese (if you want primal nachos)
1 large spaghetti squash
1 red onion
1 bag of carrots
bean sprouts
1 bag fresh/frozen shrimp
1 large bag of chicken
coconut aminos (if you don't already have)
oyster sauce
1 head garlic
1 lemon
long stemmed broccoli
3 medium zucchinis
cherry tomatoes
pork roast/butt (we buy the 4 pack at costco)
almond flour (if you don't already have it)
nitrate free bacon (from costco)
avocado oil
dijon mustard
maple syrup
canned coconut milk
serano pepper
poblano pepper
1.5lbs tomatillos
grassfed cheese (optional for enchiladas)
unsweetened almond milk
coconut flour (if you don't already have)
arrowroot powder
bag of cashews

After a long work day and feeling a bit on the sick side, I am hoping nothing was forgotten on the list. If you find things missing, please blame me. Because I'm really the only one to blame. Enjoy a week's worth of meals with your grocery list made up for you. Now you just need to find something fun to do with the time you would've had to meal plan today!

Happy Sunday!