Friday, November 21, 2014

More Than Just a Hat: Our Two Special Babes

These hats have more meaning than many of you may even know. I love putting my time into each one, I love the special requests that challenge me to figure out how I'll be able to make it happen, I love that knitting so many hats has made me rest and relax for longer than two minutes a day, and I love that it brings me special reminders with each one I make. And let me tell you all that I have absolutely loved not only making all the hats that are currently floating around the world, but I've loved delivering them here locally. There's nothing like seeing someone who you haven't seen in a long time and briefly catching up. It gets me out and about, brings up old memories, and starts new conversation. I thank you all who have wanted the hats delivered as I thoroughly have enjoyed getting out and about to see everybody.

A few other things I've loved...seeing your photos and/or all your little babes in the hand knit hats. You guys are good looking and all, but those babes of yours....They. Melt. My. Heart. So keep posting photos, I love them. I like really love them. And if you don't have a baby, have one so I can make them a hat. They'll need one ;-)

In all my hat making life, I have very much enjoyed every hat and every photo of people in them. Like I said a minute ago, all your babes are darling and have had a special place in my heart when I've made them. However, there are two little ladies that have touched my heart that I figured needed a little blog post specifically about them. So they are not only the #babesoftheday, #babesinbeanies, etc. But these little gals are our Friday Fighters. Yes, I made it up but it worked perfect for today because they are truly amazing fighters for their young ages. Ready to meet them?

Grace is a lil' babe who came flying into life, ready to take on the world! She was excited meet her family at a very early age I guess you can say. She spent her first part of life in the hospital fighting to get bigger, stronger, and healthy enough to go home. And go home is what she did! She was born prematurely, but she had no doubt she'd be getting herself home....she fought hard enough and well enough because she now spends her time in her new home with her Mommy & Daddy. A fighter she is and I have no doubt, a fighter she will continue to be!

So to her Mommy & Daddy...thank you for giving me the opportunity to make a special hat for your little lady and her brother in heaven. I thoroughly enjoyed my time making them and they will have a special place in my heart. Let's just hope she loves the Ducks as much as her Daddy, or else I may get a call down the road that she needs one for the Beavers ;-)

Our second sweet girl...she's not exactly a little babe like the rest of the the ones you all have seen. In fact, she's not too little at all. Meet Madi. Madi is full of life (if you can't tell by her photo) and a very determined little girl. Today is her big day to fight and then she will fight for many more days to come. You see, Madi was found to have brain tumors that they need to be biopsied and then to tackle chemo therafter. It's a major event in this girl's young life (and her family's life too). So it was my pleasure to make her a hat in honor of her ability to fight and win this battle. Go get 'em Madi!

In honor of our Friday Fighters, will you all pray if you believe in prayer, think good thoughts if that's what you prefer, and continue to support them and all those others out there fighting today. Make it known that they haven't been forgotten and that we will always know them as fighters! Here's to all the premies out there fighting their battle and those little kiddos who fight those much hated tumors and cancers. Not one parent out there expects their child to have to fight battles as they do early in their lives, so for all you parents who have gone through this with your child...we praise you for making it through the battle as well.

Here's to sweet baby Grace and our little gal Madi! Thank you for being great fighters in this world! We pray for your health, we pray for your recovery, and we pray you continue to fight all your life battles that come your way.

♡The Stanleys