Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Give Weekly #2

The Gift That Gives Meaning in Life, Lessons, & Experiences
It's that time of week again...time for our weekly giving! We've chosen another local non-profit that goes beyond the game of basketball. The Other Side of Basketball challenges individuals to refine their character, to live by integrity, and to then trust their spirit. They allow all kids, regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds (i.e. foster children, low income, etc) to join the opportunities The Other Side provides. Lamar Hurd had a vision and that vision is very admirable. We love that you have made differences in many lives locally, but you have also taken it to an international level. We applaud you for your service to all those families and the many children you have come across.

Please find the time to look at the website and give as you so wish.
Click HERE for the website.
Click HERE to donate.

We thank you all in advance for any donations you provided in the previous week, those who plan on giving this week, and of course, in weeks to follow. These gifts go beyond the gifts we tend to waste money on, so keep on giving to others...it goes beyond what many of us even know!

♥The Stanleys