Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Give Weekly #3

Ooooo, you guys! I get so giddy about things like this. We love international travel, we love different cultures, we love all these giving ideas, and we love companies like these who give to those in need. There are various ones out there, but we love that Heifer International has so many options to suit anybody's need of giving. If you're interested in empowering women, great. They've got some options for you. If you're interested in sustainable farming, awesome. They have all sorts of great ways to give (animals, crops, food, etc). Or if you're looking to only give a certain amount...then guess what? You can give to "shares" or "full" gifts. Most of you could spare $10-20 today, most weeks, or even just twice a month. Just think about the endless giving that would entail. I just invision all the little goats or ducks running around that will provide a way for family to eat and drink...that you all just provided!!

Excited. Like super excited about these organizations. We were given the gift of chickens this year & last by our friends, so somewhere out there our gift of chicken are running around and hopefully providing eggs to a family. At Thanksgiving, we were all to bring just a little bit of money for a game. In the end, none of us would win the pot of dough, however, it all went to the "knitters" basket! That means a family would receive various animals that would provide them with milk and eventually food as well as their fur. They would then be taught how to make the yarn to sell. How freaking awesome is that! Exactly what I was thinking!

You can think of this as a stocking stuffer for someone's gift as you will receive a honorary card in the mail as a thank you. Or you can gather some money at a Holiday party, see how much it totals, and then pick a package deal to give to an international family in need.

So the theme this week....Give! Oh wait, that's always the theme. Alright fine, previous weeks it was local non-profits but this week we're covering some ground and giving internationally. Head on over to the website and get someone a true gift that gives!

(click the link about to learn more and donate)

So if you've given each week, you will notice you've given to the following:

1) a local non-profit that travels overseas to provide a way for kids to play sports (local, international, kids, and sports...our favorites)
2) a local non-profit that gives kids opportunities to play hoops and make an impact in the community from all sorts of backgrounds (rich or poor, foster, difficult upbringings, etc.)
3) international aid, providing food, water, and sustainable living in a variety of ways

I have no idea what I'll come up with next week, but if you have some suggestions I'm more than happy to take a peek into them! We do hope you find at least one or two places to give to this holiday season. Those gifts will go beyond what we will even know. So take a minute to check out where you want to give, donate in one way or another, and do it in someone's name as a gift to them this holiday season!

Thanks to all you who have been following the gift giving series. We appreciate your contribution!