Sunday, December 14, 2014

Last Minute Gift Idea!

I get it, you've been busy. Life has been busy on our end as well. Ty's grandma had a heart attack a few days ago and I will tell ya...that lady is one tough cookie. I'm pretty sure she will out live everybody! Once she is discharged from the hospital, she will be staying with us off and on. It's not often any of us get to live with grandparents and get to know them or have them stay with us. So we are looking forward to the time we'll have with her while she's here. I can guarantee you there will not be a dull moment around here if you know Grandma Joan. And I partly can't wait for that! Then there's the regular holiday parties, work, Ty's girls team is finishing up the season, a few things we'll let you in on at some point, and house projects (we found some rats in the garage, a small part of our fence fell, our microwave pooped out on us, the chimney needs a giant remodel, & I just want to spend our money on other things). Grown up life is what this is. You name it, we're all doing it. I can only imagine the laundry list you all have as well! It's a wonderfully busy time of year and we couldn't enjoy 
more of this part of life!

So what I'm getting at is we're all busy. And for some, so busy it's left us with no time to do the normal Christmas prep and/or shopping. Some of us need some gift ideas and I have a few for you. Two of which are our "Weekly Givings" where you donate some $$$ to a local non profit or any future services that serve the underserved. But today, well let you get an actual gift. Don't panic...for once I'm not asking you to give your money up. This time you can get something in return. Believe it. And although it's not giving back to anything or supports our local shops, it's worth the money. You ask why? Well because it will save you time, save your labor, and save your meals. Because who doesn't want everything spiralized?? That's what I thought.

Once you've given to one of the weekly causes and picked up a local gift to give back to the community...then you need to snag one of these guys. Head over to Amazon (click the links via the names of the spiralizers) now to pick one up for yourself and/or as a gift. It won't disappoint!

we have this one and love it, but the one below does a mighty fine job as well!

Imagine all sorts of noodles, an easy fix to slicing all sorts of things for drying, or simply slicing to eat right then and there. Tomorrow I'll post my most favorite thing to do right now with the spiralizer. As simple and basic flavors as they may be, you can't go wrong.

Happy Sunday.
Happy Shopping.
Happy Slicing.
Happy Stanleys.

♥Cori Lou