Wednesday, December 10, 2014

OCD Moments

I promise I'm not normally this bad. In fact, I just have my little OCD things. And I had to be sure you knew before this started or else I would've felt like you'd all leave this blog post 
thinking I'm nuttier than you already thought.

The Issue
Many of you know that I've locked myself out of the house far too many times in a short amount of time. Obviously I'm reacting well to the situation to ensure that never happens. But the OCD side to it all is nearly killing me. Call it an excuse, but I swear ever since I've left my keys in the house, the triple and quadruple checking has been at it's best. Slightly overboard, I know. And by overboard, read below and you'll find out why...

When I go running, I hate taking the full set of keys. Instead, I take just the house/garage keys. I've got these sweet little pockets in all of my running pants, so I like to tuck my keys into the pocket for safe keepings. However, before I leave the house my OCD has been killing me. Seriously. Killing. Me. Initially, I lock part of the door and check to make sure I have the keys in hand. Then I put the keys in my little pants pocket and make sure the door is locked again. Then I think "what if I don't have the right keys" so I pull them out of my pocket and make sure they fit in the lock. And they still fit, hasn't changed obviously since I put them in my pocket. So I put them back in my pocket and begin to shut the door. BUT...before I shut the door, I must take the keys out of my pocket once again and sometimes this is what gets me. I apparently have to double check to make sure it's the right key set so I put the key in the door to unlock it, then lock it back up. I finally shut the door, lock the top lock, put the keys in my pocket....and then touch my little pocket to make sure they haven't fallen out. It's mind boggling to me! WHY?! Why in the heck do some people's brains do that to them? It's so silly! And trust me, I know it's silly but I do it anyway. I HAVE to do it or else I'm sure my mind would go nuts.

So that's a little insight into my life at this moment. Thank goodness it goes in spurts because it's sure been a while since I've taken something this far. Pray that eventually I don't have to be the crazy neighbor who not only checks her lock a thousand times before leaving, but that it doesn't lead into the neighbor who drives away and minutes later returns to make sure it's still locked. 
That would be the end of me!

That's all I've got for the moment. It's going to have to be good enough for now.
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Peace & Love Folks!