Thursday, December 18, 2014

Quick Decor & On A Budget

So we've been on a "budget." I guess we're always on a budget. Dave Ramsey would be disappointed if we left the budgeting world and I think we would not only be disappointed, but we'd find ourselves broke. I promise, we're budgeting for a good reason.

But let me tell you...I so badly wanted to buy some new Christmas decor. Like really badly. But then I realized it was not for any good reason and we'd survive without every last piece I laid my little eyes on. So instead, I found some ways around it. I had to because the Christmas lights ate up my decor budget. Damnit! They better last years and years.

I have a few little and super cheesy tips for you...ways that I reused last year's decor, kept our railing "organic" and "all natural", & used the little money left in our decor budget to purchase a few items (after we purchased the tree and house lights).

So here you have it....How we did it on a budget & how you can do the same, even on a whim!

*Leftover Fabric...

Once fabric to drape across the used as a tree skirt. And trust me, don't even bother sewing it up, just drape it around the trunk of the tree. That's how "on a whim" saves you lots of time and that's a lovely thing.


I will tell you...I'm not a huge fan of garland. But once some of the decor went up, I realized I needed some greenery. No way was there money to buy the fake, reusable stuff...
so instead, just trim your Christmas tree. Trim enough of the branches off without a notice to the eye that will cover the areas you need. Place them neatly on a mantel or slip them into your staircase decor as we did above. Only slightly tacky, but it works. It had to work.

**CHEAP the letters NOEL, some of them as wood letters, some of them as a circular wreath, etc. We already had ours from previous years that we used in the coffee table. Instead of putting back in its spot, we hung it with some leftover twine along the stairwell. This is a quick and inexpensive project if you need something on a whim. Hang it on a wall, set it up on the mantel, do whatever it is your heart desires.

*Pine Cones...

Put them all over the place. Use them as fillers. Use the smaller sized, cinnamon kind. Or find yourself a couple giant sized pine cones at the craft store (I saw them at Michaels). They go great in baskets or just placed one here and one there next to some chalkboard frames or on the mantel. So get pine cones outside if you're on a budget or buy a bag of them. Go nuts with them.

*Utilize What's Already There...

The bathroom was well squared away with the normal decor, but instead of swapping out everything for all your Christmas decor...just do a little rearranging, very little removing, and very little adding. What we did here was remove the urinal (even if it was a great holiday spirit item) and replaced it with a fake tree we used last year elsewhere. We took out the wash clothes from the small wire baskets and replaced those with the pine cones I saved from last year (who saves those...I'm only slightly embarrassed). We switched out our colored towels for white towels. And to finish it off, we purchased two Target candle holders/jars to add a pop of gold.

*Then Splurge!
I know, it's really not splurging when you have about $50 left. That gets you barely anything nowadays. It makes me wish I lived in the times where you could get gas for like 10 cents/gallon and candy for a nickel. But on the other hand, I don't wish that for other reasons. So anyway...
allow yourself to buy those select few items you've been eyeing to add to your holiday decor. That's what the budgeting is for. Below is exactly what I got to add a little height, a little shape, a little black to add to the neutral colors, and a little fun to the decorating game.

Item #1: Target Star

Item #2: Sara's Signs
(local Battle Ground crafter/dealer who sells her signs at the Vancouver Mall)

-Snow globes are blown up on Pinterest, go find them there if you're interested in making them.
Since there wasn't enough money for stocking hangers, I used the snow globes instead.
Just make sure nobody goes to admire them or else the stockings will fall off and then you look cheap.

-The stockings...well I used leftover burlap from our wedding, did a makeshift pattern, had no idea what I was doing to keep the shape, cut leftover cream fabric up to make the dangles, then used a stamp for the words. Trust me, I'm surprised they even turned out.

That's enough insight for you all in how cheap I've been this year and how we made do with repurposing some items. If you've got some tacky, budget friendly items you're happy to share I'd love to hear how cheap you've been in the years. But instead of calling us "cheap" let's just call us the "inexpensive" type. It just sounds a bit better.

Cheers to bringing all that holiday spirit into our homes while being on a budget, being "inexpensive," and being crafty enough to get by!