Sunday, December 7, 2014

'Twas The Day Before Sunday

Remember when I shared, just briefly, that I was a little behind in time. That you all had put up your Christmas decor like way before Thanksgiving and it's already 7 days into the month and I just got the Christmas storage containers out yesterday. Truthfully I've wanted so badly to go buy some new decor for the mantel, but then I realize we're on such a tight budget related to some future plans that it wasn't going to be an option. So I'm back to looking into the storage containers and utilizing what's around the house for ideas. Anyway, maybe today or maybe tomorrow I'll figure it out. Whether or not I show you all, we'll see what happens.

But why I really decided to whip up this blog post...our Christmas tree story that happened yesterday AKA Saturday AKA the day before Sunday. Creative, right? Ok fine, it was kinda stupid. But sometimes in odd hours of the day or when I'm up really early before my brain is awake, I find some things to be hilarious. Those moments are great. The times you laugh for no good reason, which then makes you laugh a little more, and sometimes you get the giggles. Anyway...I'm done with that. You get it I hope.

Ty picked out our tree this year...isn't she a beaut!

And then I kept making him take awkward photos with his tree...
but dang, does he not look good? He looks good, his tree looks good.
Great Christmas combo ;-)

Every year we've gone to a Christmas Tree Farm, participated in the child-like events with the kids, cut our tree down, thrown into the back of Ty's dad's truck or in the back of our little Honda (back when we lived in our small place we obviously bought small trees that could fit in the back of cars), and called it a day. So the plan this year was to do the same. Except after we spent most of our budgeted money on Christmas lights for the month, we made a pit stop on the way home...on the corner of IceHouse Bar and Grill, across from Baja Fresh and Starbucks, in front of motel deal where you get a night stay for $39 (if that doesn't say a lot about the place, drive by it & you won't be surprised), and just about under I-5. A classy corner  to say the least. But hey, a great location to grab some hot chocolate from Starbs, wander over to get your tree and pretend you're at a tree farm (minus all the traffic noise), have a quick bite to eat, and then get out of there quick. Don't try to make it a night stay at motel deal. That would be taking it too far. If you have to take it far enough, go to IceHouse or something. That will be enough. Trust me.

The location of our current Christmas tree was important, classy, and obviously needed to be included, but slightly off the story. Sorry. Those things happen a lot to me (getting off track that is). The best part about it was that we paid for our tree and headed to the car to get it strapped down. Mind you we had the Honda and mind you this year the tree was too big to fit on the inside. So strapped down on the top of the car was the place to be. Ty got working on tying the tree down, he'd pass the plastic twine to me and then me back to him, and boom it was locked in place. You know what else was locked in place? All the car doors. We had strapped a Christmas tree down on the top of our car, tied our car doors so we couldn't open them, and had every window rolled down. Ty decided it would be great to just climb in the windows, so that's exactly what he started to do. All awhile, I'm hysterically laughing and refused to climb in through the windows. Fortunately the man running the tree lot spotted Ty at a distance and hollered at him saying "don't be a Griswold!"

Before we realized we tied ourselves out...obviously pumped we were all set to go!

You'd think at that point we'd have it all figured out after he yelled at us to untie it and retie it. But no. Apparently we had our tree strapped down the wrong way and in the way that our tree would've either had all the limbs blown off on the way home or our tree would've caught the wind and blown right off of the top of the car. That all would've made the ride home just awesome though, don't you think?

And the moment after we figured it out...the immediate "just climb in" move.

We not only tied ourselves out of the car, but we tied the tree to the car "wrong" and nearly chopped off the twine when he rolled up the windows on the way home (exactly what we needed to top the story off). Ty decided this was another reason he needed a truck. I decided it was just another lesson learned and no truck would be coming out of that ordeal. Sorry love!

Here's to what most likely won't be our typical tradition and if we do choose to get it from a lot, we'll look like professionals getting it tied to our car.

Happy Sunday!

♡The Stanleys