Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Weekly Gift Giving

Every month we budget money to give to someone or something. We also carry around a little bit of cash in case something comes up that we decide it's something we want to donate to. You never know who you come across that touches you or maybe something you see on Facebook that drives you to donate to a cause. It's a fabulous way to give and it's always a little something that makes us all feel good. Would you not agree?

We would encourage you all to give every month of the year, even if it is just a little at a time. However, if you're more into providing support during these few months of the year we will give you a few ideas! Believe me, I probably have way more ideas but I don't want to overload you all. So we'll start with a special group that we love and wish we could go on every trip with...

Courts for Kids!
click HERE for a great video on what they're all about (video is off to the right hand side)!
Plus you just may spot The Stanleys in action!

If you didn't watch the video, then let me let you in on a bit of what they're all about. This is a local non-profit who goes all over the world with groups of individuals from all walks of life to build sport courts in rural areas. All these places and people would not otherwise have the opportunity to play certain sports on a court if it weren't for CFK. When you go on a trip with them, you don't just provide your service to these people. You live with them, you learn their ways, you work along side them and really work hard, and you can always learn a little something about yourself. You never know what conditions you'll be presented with...maybe you have to carry the 100lb cement bags because there are no wheelbarrows or maybe you get cement burns/chaffing and have to work through it; or you might end up working in the pouring down rain. Every trip is much different from the rest and we all get fantastic experiences with each trip.

So whether you are inclined to go on a trip (check out their website and get in contact with them) or you are willing to donate financially this year, they could use the support and
would be grateful for it all!

We are thankful for Courts for Kids, the owners, and all the individuals we worked together with in Cambodia. It was an unforgettable trip.

Click HERE for their website and to watch a great video off to the right hand side.
And don't forget to click HERE to donate!

Happy Wednesday!

♡The Stanleys