Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What Do You Know About Being 4?

I don't remember what 4 years old was like exactly, but I'm blessed to be around this guy who turns the big 0-4 today. He reminds us all of what 4 years is all about. So in case you forgot please let me know if you need that reminder, we'll be sure to send him your way.

I don't need to go on and on about Casey John because you all know we love him to pieces, how great a kid he is, and how amazed we are by this child. And like all you mothers, fathers, aunts, and uncles...we are never biased, right? ;-) Plus, we get to praise him for the wonderful guy he' become to his face more often than he may have ever hoped for.

But what I will show you/brag to you about is his love for water and his new found obsession...tubing!
And what a brave soul to let Mr. John (my dad) pull him on the tube...because when Casey said faster, Mr. John listened. And when Mr. John listened, Casey John ended up on a tube with Uncle Ty going 22-28mph. Casey's response was, "I'm doing something that no other 3 year old has ever done before." I must say, he was spot on when he said that!

Happy Birthday Casey John!

He even wanted to flip off while going 25 mph with Uncle Toodles!
He may have swallowed some water, but he sure had the guts to do it.

Not a bad way to end his 3 years of life before he quickly begins his 4th year in this world.
Tubing. Boating. Boat Driving. Swimming. And some fish finding.
You went out with a bang lil man!

Love you everyday Casey John!

♥Uncle Toodles & Aunt Dori

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

That Growin' Garden

Why is it that every time I go out and about, I find myself in the store's bathroom? Why did I go to the antique store 5 minutes from our house, stop in for maybe 15 minutes, and couldn't wait til I got home? Apparently I love bathrooms. Seriously, message me if you're in trouble and you need that emergency bathroom...I know who's open when, what ones are clean, and which have great decor. And it's been confirmed my gut is good after that EGD, so I can't blame the celiac disease. Instead, I blame metabolism. Or was it all the junk I had for dinner the night before (that cookie and Kind bar)??
That's all besides the point and you most likely didn't care whatsoever.
But tough luck, you got it anyway.

Anyway, you remember that garden I once exposed you to, but never got around to giving the details? Apparently I was a bit too tired working 4 out of the last 5 days with a 16 hour day thrown in amongst those. Not that you cared anyway because I'm sure you were busy doing more important things than reading the enjoying the beautiful weather! But that garden of ours, it's going nuts. And sometimes nuts is a good thing. Check it out, gets some ideas for your garden, some thought on 
DIY projects, and maybe even find your green thumb!

Welcome to The Growin' Garden

Letters: Michaels
Paint: already had at home (can find at any craft store)
Wall hooks (on the back of the letters): Ace hardware

*The Decor*

Old rusted rim: antique store

Window: garage sale

Chairs: IKEA
(the chairs do have a matching table that is super cute)

The table: garage sale find by my mother-in-law; ready to be repurposed!

The plates: repurposed (from our wedding)
The plate hangers: Joanns fabric & craft store

The ladder: antique store
The flower & super cute plastic pot: Lowe's

*The Produce*

given to me by Kari's grandpa and some purchased from a lovely older man
at the farmer's market...even planted a golden raspberry bush!

Lime tree: Home Depot
Large Pot: Lowes

Dwarf meyer lemon bush/shrub: Lowes
Medium Pot: Lowes

Raised beds: Shurway
(to have them pre-made it only cost approximately 6 more brainer!)

The salad gardens fill 2 of 4 raised beds...
lots of lettuce, peppers, carrots, radishes, tomatoes, & cucumbers!
Google "free 4x4 garden plans" or "square foot gardens" to find more ideas.

Ladder garden: made by my brother many years ago!
Google "ladder gardens" or "vertical gardens" for some ideas.

Our garden doesn't have to be a place where we only water, grow, and pick. Why not make it a little place to have your coffee or tea in the morning or have a place to sit just to admire all your hard work in producing a lush garden! Find a table and chairs, throw up some decor, and make it the place to be!

And lots of thanks to each person who carried many of those items into the garden area, who shoveled the soil, who helped me with the decor, and to the mini drip system that helps me water half
of the produce back here. I appreciate every one of you!


Friday, July 25, 2014

Stanley Homefront Updates + 2 Rookie Homeowner Mistakes

The Updates
It's official. We now have a lovely glass door in the basement shower and it's safe to say we will no longer have any water draining out of the bathroom into the basement (the flooring was not sloped well enough into the drain so instead of going in the drain, it trailed out of the shower area and would continue for as long as you showered). The glass maintains the perception of a much larger bathroom than it really is and leaves the bathroom feeling very open.

We are in the process of a new roof. Seriously. As I type, I get to hear the slamming, banging around, scraping, and shingles fall to the ground as they smash my shrubs. Around our house looks like a natural disaster, but thank the Lord it's a man made disaster. Soon enough we'll have a good roof over our heads...By the end of today, the main house should be completed and over the next two days we'll have the single car garage and double car garage finished!

That garden of ours is growing like crazy. We have lettuce coming out of our ears. If you're interested in a salad, please come over and we can have a lunch date. Just wait to come over until the roofers are done, it will be much more pleasant without the noise and the mess.

Ty and I have decided that I am the breadwinner in the home and he gets to be the project king, rat catcher, and house husband for the summers. As I've been busy working, Ty has been busy catching rats that have been eating our garden. I only partly feel bad for the little guy and only because he was kinda cute. On the other hand we now get to enjoy our tomatoes now that he won't be around to eat them all! I apologize ahead of time for the photo, but Ty is excited for his was like Christmas when he came inside this morning, should've seen his face. Partly disturbing, partly hilarious.
(can I just mention Ty caught him with a piece of bacon...wondering if the rat was paleo?)

We are plugging away at the fire pit area, the laundry space in the basement, and at the basement.
Once we get any one of those completed, you can trust I'll share them!

Rookie Homeowner Mistakes
(don't worry, they're all laughable. nothing too serious.)

1. Do NOT go on a weed & feed frenzy.
I'll be honest, I never read the directions and/or suggestions on the back of the weed and feed bag. Probably why we have the problem we do. I was ready to kill all those weeds in the yard and make our yard grow the most beautiful, lush, green lawn. Little did I know that weed and feeding our lawn so frequently would not only kill those weeds, but kill some areas that would then grow bizarre grass along with mushrooms. That means we are now in the process of killing large areas of the backyard to rid the yard of the junk that's growing back there. Then we get to regrow some new grass. Yay (in the least excited voice I could ever have). Lesson learned. Take our mistake and don't go weed & feed happy or else you'll end up with a bigger mess on your hands.

2. Know your skills. Know your knowledge. 
Know that a little extra money goes a million miles.
We are excited to be homeowners. We are loving all the projects and updates we get to do around here and wouldn't change that a bit. Fortunately and unfortunately, we are a little too eager when it comes to completing projects (mostly me, but that's no surprise). When we found out we needed a new roof, we immediately planned an AMSAP (as many shingles as possible). The whole gang of family and friends were ready for a roof tear off and the roofing company was ready to come in the days after to put a new roof on. When you can save some money, why not do some things on your own, right? Well we had the drop box delivered to our house and set up the scaffolding the day before the planned tear off day...and although we knew the three roofs were steep, we didn't realize they were that steep. So that whole AMSAP, ya, it was canceled. We've decided as homeowners that although it's great to save some money, it's not worth the safety of those helping out. Sometimes the extra cost to have it done is worth more than having giant medical bills from falling off a roof.

Stay tuned for the full garden blog post so you can see how it all came together, suggestions on where to buy the garden decor and boxes, and/or repurposing that wedding decor!
Bring on that sun and enjoy another Friday!

♡The Stanleys

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Those Little Life Struggles

This picture below is not my struggle in life. This picture below is what we did Monday night. Only because I wanted to share my favorite place to be...our home, our in-the-process fire pit area, 
and what happens when you get invited to a BBQ at our place (you have to bring your own bar 
soap and bucket because I require you to make homemade laundry detergent).

But on a serious note, read below for my current, mini life struggle!

So maybe it's not a great secret by any means, but it's something worth sharing. You all get to hear about  everything we're up to, foods we're eating, random silly things that happen, and who
knows what else I blab about. But what you don't always get to read about is those real life things 
we all go through. And while this isn't any big issue, I suppose it can become something
much larger if I let it be. I'm not letting that happen so here we are instead.

You all know or can gather that I love doing a lot. And by a lot, I mean everything. Somehow I find
a little time to sleep and how, I'm not exactly sure. Knit hats, house projects, working out, 
trying to explore this earth, being fully there when spending time with family and friends, building our marriage to be stronger each day, working full time, and doing some things on the 
side not many know about. I've taken time away from blogging to keep up with the rest, but I struggle
with letting the blog go. In fact, sometimes I feel guilty for not blogging enough this summer. 
So silly, I know! I'm trying to cut myself some slack, so don't mind if I do. Ok?

But my current struggle...where am I suppose to be in life right now?
The blogger, the wife, the athlete, the food lover, the world explorer, the nurse, the new home owner...
The list goes on because I can't help myself. I enjoy it all. My time gets torn between them all
and it never seems that there's enough time in a day for it all.

Lots of questions and I know many answers. And for some, it's easier said than done. Some of us don't have the urge to travel. Some have no urge to own a home and work on projects. And some of us don't have family we're close to. Apparently I have three wonderful problems. I praise the Lord for that. I also Praise the Lord for the church service I just so happened to attend this past weekend. An answer to my prayers! I think He knows I'm suppose to be in all those places, but my struggle is and always has been, my time with them all. One day I'll figure it out. We live and learn, right?

So here's to my little life struggles, any of your struggles in life, and to finding that comfortable place 
in it all. They happen, they're real, and I'm just lettin' you all in on mine.

Love to you all this Wednesday!


Friday, July 18, 2014

A Little Something We Should All Have...

We could all use a lemon or lime fruit tree/shrub. They are way too cute not to have. Who doesn't want to plant a mini lemon or lime tree in a fun pot and let it grow in the backyard?! I apparently couldn't resist. I bought myself one of each and I don't even feel selfish about it. I have the room, I have the water, and I have the time to sit and watch them grow. And the fruit on them right now are darling. They've turned into my little babies. Believe it. They don't smell like a new baby, but they do smell pretty amazing. Just imagine me with my face all up in the bush, smelling that lemon or lime smell. Even if I don't get much fruit off of it, at least I get a whiff of it every day and that's good enough for me!

And the time to get now. The bigger guys are on clearance at Home Depot, if you can even rummage through what's left. And the mini meyer lemon can find those guys at Lowe's. They aren't in the fruit tree section though, so be sure to ask where they can be found.

Before you buy one consider that they do need to come inside during the winter. That may just mean putting them in your garage in a location that gets a little sunlight. Otherwise it will die and you will have just spent money on one good for a single summer's worth of sniffing. Which I guess is good enough, right? And if you're thinking about buying one but wonder if they will be too big for your space...well guess what? The mini meyer lemon is obviously mini and the dwarf lime tree can be trimmed as a tree or shaped into a bush. How lovely.

Now go get one. If it's not worth the fruit, it's worth the all-up-in-your-face kinda smell.
Happy Friday!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

3 Random Things: A Nickname, A Washer/Dryer Hunt, & A Mini Escapade

There's three stupid things I have to tell you.

I went to my massage appointment the other night and my massage therapist referred to me as a piece of dried chicken or overcooked steak. I wasn't offended. Why? Well guess who still has a problem drinking water? If you have no idea, I'll let you in on the secret: ME. When I work I can usually manage just drinking half a cup a day and on my off days if it's real hot I will drink, at the most, a couple cups of water. Stupid and ridiculous, I know. Surprisingly I'm not in kidney failure and surprisingly I still function extremely well while doing a million activities (water skiing, crossfitting, running, working on projects at our house, working, etc).

Anyway, my massage therapist told me he once had sympathy for all my knots, aches, and pains. Now he doesn't and at now surprise. That's why he used the comparison he used...."you're kinda like a piece of dried up chicken or overcooked steak. Since you never drink anything, you've got dried up muscles that are tight, knotted, and hard to work through." So here's to being a piece of dried meat and finding humor in my massage therapist (good thing I like the guy!). 

We haven't had a washer and dryer in our home since we moved in....two months ago! Seriously. And if you think that's crazy, I've only had to do laundry once since then. It just so happens that part of the week I wear scrubs, the other part of the week I wear workout attire. Fortunately I have plenty of both plus I can extend my clothes washing if I throw in a few regular outfits here and there. 

But guess what?! We finally got ourselves a washer and dryer! I've only done 2 months of research and extensive searching online (the anal side to me set in), but to never get any responses from Craigslist or to find out they had been sold. It just so happened that I got one response back from someone I knew...and I can tell you God had a reason for it, but a reason I plan to keep a little secret since it has to do with another one of our secrets. But I'll have to leave it very vague. Sorry for that. 

Melanie, we thank you for letting us come get them late at night and hooking us up with very well-cared for washer and dryer!

The escapade? Try getting home to realize you left the house keys at the in-laws. No lights on at the house, no windows or doors to climb into, and at 10:45PM on a work night while two men (Ty and Curt) are trying to get the washer and dryer out of the truck while I'm using two iPhones as flashlights. Super weird and extremely sketchy looking. If our neighbors already thought we were weird, I hate to know what they think now.

You guys can't even imagine the noises as they guys got them unloaded and in the backyard...and then again from the back deck down the narrowest door and basement stairwell. It only sounded like we were breaking in, stealing, or having a weird evening gathering on a random Tuesday night at 11PM at this point. I only had one minor panic attack as the washer went down the stairwell...I wasn't sure if I was going to be calling a repairman in the morning or if I'd be taking Ty or Curt to the hospital because a washer landed on them. Just minor things, right?

We all survived, the washer and dryer made it to the basement, and we now can officially wash our clothes in our own home. Amen.

Those are my three random things all because I figured you should know what we're doing at all hours of the day and why it's hard to find time to blog. Good thing for early mornings!


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Beat The Heat, Have Fun In The Sun: Part 3

Your WOD...

30 second handstand
30 second wall sit

Then do...

250 double unders
or 500 singles for all you newbies

So go do it. Like now.

Your local outdoor activity, again with options for both kids and adults:

1) pack your bikes and head to Sauvie's Island. Bike around, stop at stands for fresh fruit and/or veggies, or go to a U-pick. Don't forget a backpack or two for all your purchases!

2) pack a pair of good shoes to hike/walk in and take to the Warrior Rock Lighthouse trail. It's Oregon's oldest Fog Bell and smallest lighthouse. Then head back to your car and stop about any of the farms for fresh fruit and veggies. Pick or don't pick, you decide.

please Google search Sauvie Island for times the u-picks and stands are open as well as info on the biking and hiking, depending on which you choose so you can be fully prepared.

Happy Sunday!
Soak it up before you all have to go back to work tomorrow ;-)


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Beat The Heat, Have Fun In The Sun: Part 2

Your WOD for today...

100 burpees
1 mile run
5- 45 second holding planks with 30 seconds of rest in between
Ready, set, GO!

Your outdoor activity you're wondering about?? Well I've got two options for you.

1) Take the long path and hike Hamilton Mountain Loop (approximately 7.5 miles)
2) Take the short hike to Pool of the Winds (about 2.2 miles), then head back to Portland
for the Puckfest on Belmont. Click the link below to check it out. And if you're not interested
in the brews, wander down to Dick's for some paleo lunch/dinner options and enjoy the shops
in and around the SE Portland area.

Puckerfest at Belmont Station

For Kids
If you have kids, Vancouver is having their Big Shindig Car Show today at 12pm on 12th and Main St.
If you've got a little guy or know of some who love cars, spread the word!

As always, enjoy yourself and keep cool. I don't want to run into any of you guys at the hospital or
I'll be concerned you didn't listen to me...drink water and/or the drinks I posted the other night, find some shade, and catch up on those naps. Stay out of the hospital. My only rule.
Have fun!

Cori Lou

Friday, July 11, 2014

Beat The Heat, Have Fun In The Sun: Part 1

Ty is back in the Stanley household. I'm excited. You're probably not as excited, but that's cool. Believe it or not, I managed to get by with only cooking breakfast one morning and barely use plates or silverware. And yes, I ate every meal plus some. Let's just say I got by with napkins, lots of random snacking, a coffee date with my brother, and leftovers. Amen to leftovers.
Not sure where I'd be without them.

But in case you were wondering, Ty went to an Avid training through school. So while I was eating on napkins, he had his whole trip paid for plus comped meals. So somedays I got photos of oysters while other nights he was out for ice cream. Sounds about right for that guy. 
He learned, he toured, he made connections, and he ate well. And that's about it.

Ok, the real reason you came to the blog....the WOD. That's right. I got slightly distracted in the time I typed the title above until now. It happens all too often for me. Sorry for that. It's about time for you to get after this mini WOD before the heat sets in and get on with your day. 

20 Min AMRAP
(as many rounds as possible, so keep track of your rounds!)

20 walking lunges
20 sit ups
20 push ups
20 squats

For those of you who take the challenge of this AMRAP, post your score in the comments section below or on FB!

And for your outdoor activity...

The Hops are after the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes tonight at the Hops home field in Hillsboro. Go support one team or cheer for 'em both! They play at 7:05pm tonight. Tickets are anywhere from $7-$16. Cheap enough you can buy a couple for friends and take them with you.
Just make them buy you a beer or dog when you get there! ;-)
Click HERE to purchase your tickets ahead of time.

If you've never been, now's your chance to get out there after work to enjoy a local ball game. 
Have fun & stay cool folks!


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Stay Fit, Keep Cool

So the other day I was trying to call T-Mobile's customer service and I kept having to rephrase EVERYTHING to the automatic lady on the other end. I've never had a speech impediment so why couldn't she understand me or get me to the right representative? I was so annoyed! It started out by asking me my location, then it was unable to find what I was asking for. She asked me if it was residential or commercial, so I figured my cell phone is a "residential" number. The whole time I was so confused....that was, until I realized I had dialed 411 and not 611 for customer service. Hello! 

Annnyyyway, it's hot. Really hot. Sometimes our back deck gets to be about 100+ degrees and it scorches your body if you're out there too long. Don't get me wrong, I love the heat but I retreat to our front porch in the evening so I can survive. Because I'm pretty sure I would die if I sat out back for too long. Think I'm kidding? I'm not.

The heat is going to continue, like it or not. But if you're like me and still want to work out and 
keep cool, I've got a few of the easiest ideas for you.

1) workout in the morning before it gets too sweaty hot.
(I will post at home workouts each morning starting tomorrow plus a fun outdoor activity) 
2) make one of these sippers (click the photos below for the link) each day to keep cool.
3) drinks lots of water.
4) find some shade or a body of water, kick back, and relax.
5) take a nap because you can, because it's your weekend, & because it's good for you.

(ditch the sugar or just add a little coconut palm sugar instead)

Keep cool this weekend and try to get a little workout in each morning to start your day off right!
Have fun.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sometimes All You Need Is Simple

Lately I've wanted food to pop out of nowhere and land right on our table for every meal. If only that could actually happen, right? I could get so many more things done if it weren't for having to cook and eat. Probably why I all the time. I've been planning my days without much thought about meals until that moment I realize I'm starving. We all know that's an awful plan and what happens when we're starved. We eat everything. Well, I do and maybe you don't. But what's saved me? 
Two things. Yes, only two things.

An avocado and garlic and herb goat cheese. It requires no cooking, no baking, and no real prep. It's good for any time of day. Breakfast with some eggs, a snack, a side at lunch time. Why not?
When you're in a pinch or when you're lazy like me right now, it's great. Trust me.

I'm heading in to the MD's office today for a good ol' checkup. Praying for some good lab results, that there's nothing else wrong with me (because I'm a nurse and I secretly panic at every appointment that something could be wrong), and only have a little anxiety. Seems silly, but I hate the doctors. 
Send me to the dentist everyday, but the doctor...ugh!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Flavored Cubes

I"ve been MIA. And I honestly think this may happen more than once. Sorry ahead of time. I can't quite keep up with documenting/blabbing as I can do on here. Instead I'm utilizing Instagram in full force. It's made my life way too easy in "keepin' up with the Stanwees." It may also make your life easier so you don't have to read through everything. It's just that you'll miss the little detail if you don't read. I'll leave it up to you.

You've all probably seen it all...we're housing, we're playing, we're summer timin', we're adventuring, we're doing what everybody else does with their summer. We're enjoying our Stanley life and we hope you all are enjoying every bit of life as well! 

Because I enjoy these little guys and it made for a quick blog post, I figured I'd share. As always, it's simple, it's easy, and it's quick. All three of my favorite things when in the kitchen.

So here you have it. 4 versions, 2 of which are refreshing while the other 2 are for fun. I mean, how exciting to wait until the ice cube melts to get that fruit at the end! I know, that exciting!

2-3 lemons or 2-3 limes
raspberries or strawberries
pomegranates (bought packaged and ready to eat from Trader Joes)

*The Refreshers*
Zest one lemon or lime into one side of your ice tray. Squeeze the fresh lemon/lime juice into each little cube with the zest. If you feel the need to make it a full cube, add a little water. Then, slice a grapefruit in half (Costco has amazing ones right now). Cut out each sliver and place in a cube on the other side of the ice cube tray. Then guess what? You got it, squeeze your grapefruit to fill the cubes. Place them in the freezer and pull them out to eat or place them in some cold water to add just a hint of natural flavor!

*For Funs*
Place raspberries or strawberry slices (1-2 of them) into the cubes of half your ice cube tray. Then place pieces of fresh mint with each berry. Fill with water. Just the same, add a glob of pomegranates to each cube on the other side of the tray and fill with water. Can't get any easier than that. Let them freeze overnight. Place them in some ice tea or pop them in your water and patiently or impatiently wait until you get to eat the fruit!

There are a million other ideas out there and yes, I know it's just as easy to add all that stuff to our water. It's just that it was kinda fun making ice cubes out of all the flavors. And surely we all know what Google is and how Google works. Utilize it. You'll get a handful of ideas for fruit cubes. 
Enjoy them in this heat and stay cool!