Monday, August 25, 2014

HTC 2014: Summin' It Up

We survived HTC in case you all weren't updated via Instagram or Facebook. Sometimes I go a little post crazy so I'm not sure how you'd miss it anyway. But Hood to Coast...what a trip in so many ways! The literal trip was awesome. Driving across part of the State/running across part of the State, seeing some of the most beautiful areas while driving and running, and finishing up at the beach. Now that's a trip if I've ever done one! On the other hand, it's a trip in another way. Who signs up to run nearly 200 miles in total, to "sleep" in a van or to not sleep whatsoever in a 24 hour or more time period (which is closer to true), and to skim by on doing the most minimal hygiene while keepin' real close to 5-6 other individuals in the van? Nutty people and people who get talked into things way too easily...that's who gets roped into this thing. But I have to say, I haven't met a soul who regretted it. Some may not want to come back for another year, but they enjoyed the first and last Hood to Coast all at once.

Anyway, it was quite awesome to see everybody PR on not just their mile times but for some, it was the longest total time and miles they've ever run in their whole life. How cool is that? We were all super proud of each other to say the least! Scroll through the blog post to meet the team and read a few thoughts..or don't. Either way is fine with me.

The Squad
First we all started Crossfit together (crazy decision) and now we go and do this...
how nuts are we?

"Van 1"

"Van 2"

My Legs
(running legs, not my actual legs. Duh.)

Leg 0.
I may have looked like a hobo, but I managed to bike 5 miles to meet up with the van before takeoff
on a road bike with an incredibly heavy bag attached to me causing my head to be pushed forward, a food bag between my legs causing my legs to pump outwards, and a pillow that disabled me from being able to see behind me without falling off my bike. Let's just say I had to ditch a few things along the way and have a few trial and errors before I managed to leave my house.
But I sure made it and got quite the workout from it!

Leg 1.
4.84 miles. Flat with lots of stops for traffic lights and trail crossings. Run at dusk,
ended on a beautiful sunset.
13 road kills.

Leg 2.
4.14 miles. Small rolling hills at dawn. Chilly and foggy morning. Major traffic backup
and had to run 1-1.5 miles back to the van.
16 road kills.

Leg 3.
7.2 miles. A few rolling hills, then a gradual uphill for about 5-6 miles. Gravel road.
From hot and sweaty to foggy and cool.
53 road kills.

What It Means To "Hood To Coast"

you get to run for hours and hours and hours. Why would you not want to?

you get to spend time with awesome people.

you have so many laughs with these people that "tears" nearly run down your leg.
you get to be delirious with them.
you grow closer than you ever thought you would've.
they become your lifeline...because they do have to pick you up at some point at the end of your run.
In fact, you probably have never been so excited to see these people in your life up until this point.

you get to run in places and at times you most likely will never get to again.

you get to have little chances at sleeping, be a map reader at 3am, and be piled in a van
full of food and dirty clothes (and dirty people). Again, why would you not want that?

you get free entertainment along the way.

you get to be a driver stuck in traffic at some point or another (if you don't have a non-running driver)
and have plenty of time to think...or sleep at the wheel (kidding)

you get to eat your meals out of the back of your van and change your clothes
behind the van doors...praying that nobody has to see your bare cheeks along the way.

and some of us get to endure injuries other than the achy and sore feelings...
injuries like slicing your finger open with a knife.

and one of the best get to see the end of the longest relay in the world!

The End

Reasons To Book A Night Stay After HTC ^^
-you may or may not feel like garbage
-you get to shower immediately
-you can sleep in something other than a van once you've eaten and showered
-you get to enjoy views like these, walk the beach the next morning, and take another nap if you so choose to

A Few "WHY'S"
(that maybe someone can answer for me)

-why is it that on the outside world we call a van, a van and a SUV, a SUV...
but once you get into HTC everything becomes "a van" when really it's still a SUV or car
or truck. Why?

-why don't the Honey Buckets further away from the start get serviced?
no TP and you're nearly sitting on someone's sh*t by the end of the relay because it's piled high.

-why do people think they can tell you when you should and shouldn't go to the bathroom?
somehow I kept overhearing ladies tell their team they needed to go to the bathroom and for some reason it was always the man in the group that would say "you should hold it until we get to the next stop" or "you'll have to wait, we don't have time for that."
(I'd like to tell them to shut it because since when did someone tell you when you can and can't go to the bathroom)

-WHY do people poop their pants when they have all the trees/bushes/poles to hide behind and just go?
I couldn't figure out why my last half mile smelled so bad...until I looked up and realized
what was running down the woman's leg. It's way easier to pop a squat somewhere even if you don't have toilet paper than it is to go in your pants, run in it for who knows how long, and ruin a pair of nice running shorts.

And I'm done...
That's all I can think of for now. All I have to say is that if you get a chance to do HTC, do it. Don't hesitate. Man up and go for it. You won't regret it...and if you do, don't come back to me and tell me.
Because you won't regret being with your team, you won't regret the just may regret the way you feel after all those runs and no sleep. But guess what, that all goes away and life goes on.

Nice job to both van 1 and van 2...way to kick some butt and finish strong!
There aren't enough words to say how proud we all are of each other.
#htc14 #motherofallrelays


Friday, August 22, 2014

H2C 2014: My Thoughts, Concerns, & Lifeline

Some of us prep like nobody's business many months before Hood to Coast while others prep a few weeks before go time. That also means some of us will feel decent on Sunday while the rest will feel like garbage. Maybe even worse, who knows. I feel bad for each individual who will feel like junk the following day. I'll feel bad if I'm one of them as well. However, I'm caught somewhere in the middle. If it weren't for my gal, Laura, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have even run 1-2 times a week the last couple of months. And to top it off the challenge by one of our teammates, Jason, came into play many times. In fact, too many times. Somehow I got talked into an 8 miler, then a 10 miler, and topped it off at 13.2 miles. You both are nuts, but as always, I'm happy to do it anytime with either of you!

The other part of the prep...packing. I always save it until last minute because as we all know, it will get done in a minute. So here I am at 11PM at night blogging. Why would I be packing yet anyway...I still have hours until start time.

My thoughts on H2C 2014
Let's just say they're mixed. When I first think about it, I think "no big deal, just a few runs with plenty of time in between." But as soon as I think about how big of a deal H2C is and the night running, I get butterflies in my stomach. Mainly the night run is what gets me and for a few reasons. The animals that could be out there, the late night drivers that may or may not be paying attention on the back roads, and being alone in the middle of nowhere. Everybody tells me not to worry about any of those, but it's easier said than done. So if you see me in the middle of nowhere on the path to Seaside with a giant machete, a rifle, and the largest beam of light coming off me (so cars don't hit me of course), just know that I'm prepared for any situation.

What To Pack
3 regular running outfits with a long sleeve to go with each
1 extra running outfit (just in case)
2-3 extra pairs of socks 
1 extra sports bra
1 running vest
1 head lamp
2 pairs of running shoes
5 pairs of undies
1 comfy outfit to wear in the van + 1 sweatshirt
1 pair of sandals or comfy shoes in between runs

1 pillow
1 sleeping bag

basic toiletries
toothbrush & paste, floss, deodorant, face lotion, hair ties and pins, chapstick, sunscreen, 
soap/body wipes, mascara, hand sanitizer, wash cloth, a towel, toilet paper

additional items to think about
glide/anti-chaffing items
shower items if you get to shower along the way
first aid items if your van isn't providing them
phone charger
FOOD (you know what you like, you know what works best)
water bottle

A friend gave me this website from Blonde Ponytail for packing ideas. The best tip was to place each running leg clothes into a ziploc bag so they are easy to get to as well as easy to put away once they're dirty!

H2C Lifelines
As I began thinking about the most important thing we all pack for two long days ahead of us, I realize that most people are concerned about having enough water (and maybe the right foods that will give them the energy to get through the relay). My lifeline: toilet paper. I am not much of a water drinker, so of course that wouldn't be the first thing to cross my mind. But toilet paper...I'm pretty sure I've reminded Ty to remind me to not forget a roll of TP. We all have our concerns, we all have our security blanket, we all have our lifelines. For some it's water, for others it's the right clothes and food, and for me it's TP. Does it surprise you? Didn't think so.

If this is your first go around for Hood to Coast or the 10th time, we wish you all a safe, fun, and wonderful experience. Take care of your body, don't poo in people's yards (so we've been told per the rules), and if possible, get a few winks of rest! 

Here's to running nearly 200 miles from start to finish with approximately 1,050 teams (times that by 12 and see how many runners that means). See you all at the beach!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Quick, Easy, & Inexpensive Laundry Room

I've been contemplating posting something like this...and by this, I mean the DIY laundry room. I'm not the first to do so in the blogging world, but I have to say it's semi-weird. Who really cares about a laundry room, right? And why make a laundry room look decent when, most likely, nobody will be snooping in your laundry room (except for people like me because I'm curious about all rooms in people's homes).

But I get it now. I get why people make a nice little room to do laundry in and I get why they post blogs about them. Because once you make a laundry room that is bright, fresh, and in our own eyes kinda never want to leave it! I'm only half kidding. And only because I have to split my time between all these rooms in our house I'm in love with. Otherwise I'd spend more time in the basement. Not that I didn't like doing laundry before, but now I LOVE it. I love washing, I love hang drying the clothes outside, and I love feeling super old school bringing wicker baskets in and out of the house full of clean laundry.

So how did we get by with a quick, easy, and inexpensive laundry room?

1. washer & dryer
(just so happened to be that I knew the seller, so we got a little extra deal ;-) You know who you are!)

2. shelving
-buy new at Home Depot or Target OR
-look at garage sales for old shelving to paint and repurpose

3. repurpose decor
-frame and old bottles repurposed from our wedding decor (otherwise, try Goodwill!)
-branches with fake flowers repurposed from our bathroom at our old duplex
-free printable from Just Another Day In Paradise blog

4. mini basket
-garage sale or repurpose if you have one in your home already
-Fred Meyers had some on sale recently

5. half painted clothes pins
-repurposed from my wood crafts box
-utilize some paint you already have. Pick a color and just go with it. Save yourself 
the 3 bucks and a trip to the craft store ;-)

6. clothes baskets

7. washer pedestal
-T to keep all cleaning supplies in the washer pedestal
-no need to buy anything if you already have your homemade soap supplies (back right in photo)
and pre-made soap jugs

8. dryer pedestal
-again, utilize baskets and keep drying supplies together. 
-Walmart baskets are cheap...get them now before I buy them all out.
They come in handy. Who wants to carry all those clothespins in your hand when you can 
carry them outside in a cute basket?
-separate dryer sheet scents...lavender to the left, regular on the right. Options are always nice.
-indoor and outdoor hang/line drying supplies 
(outdoor rope given to us for free and the "octopus" dryer from Ikea)

9. line dry
-buy cheap rope or utilize one from the garage that's just lying around.
-minimize your carbon footprint and save a few bucks. It's only a few, but you could
use that few bucks to get ice cream or something tasty while your clothes are drying.
You know I'm only half kidding/not kidding.

Depending on where you find your decor (garage sale versus brand new), you could most likely manage to "updo" that laundry room of yours for $100 or less. And in the end, every penny will be worth it because you'll want to spend your time in a bright and beautiful little laundry room.
If possible, repurpose decor from garage sales, reuse decor from other parts of the house, and if you must, buy new. Now, go see what you can do, how cheap you can do it for, and how quick 
you can fix it up. Have fun and post pictures because we all know that's been the thing to do!

♡Cori Lou

Friday, August 15, 2014

A Bathroom Must-Have

We all need this little guy below in our bathrooms. And if you don't think we do, then I'm going to tell everybody you like the smell of doo. You don't want that going around now do you? 

Don't get me wrong, it's a very natural thing for us all to do and I'm not ashamed of it but who says we can't use this stuff to hide traces of that danky odor? Whoever made this, I think you're clever, hilarious, and part genius. In fact, I'm kicking myself for not coming up with it myself. After all the time I've spent in bathrooms, you'd think I'd have enough time to think up some sort of invention. Obviously, that light hasn't come on yet. Instead, I'll keep buying these things for our house and maybe even for your house. Consider yourself lucky if you get one. However, if you don't end up with one...then please, take a trip to the St. Vincent's gift shop where they have the top of the line, most hilarious bottle names for these things. Otherwise, head to Bed Bath N' Beyond for the basic version of the 

I've decided this Poo-porri serves two purposes.

1. covering up that stank. No joke, you'd never even know.
2. provides a great conversation piece

Just remember, give it one good spray or two little sprays. It does wonders for all.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Dat Moment & One Of A "Bajillion" Reason I Love

Some of you have heard our story...that summer of 2008 and then the hilarious story from that following Fall. We had several moments. But not all of you know the moment I finally fell, and fell hard. "Dat moment" as Ty calls it. There was no looking back for either of us (not that Ty ever looked back from day 1 of meeting me anyhow). But now we do look back but only to laugh, retell the story, and then keep on lovin'. Because that's what we do. We vowed to love every single day.

To this day, I have always known the Lord brought you in my life that summer for a reason. And as much as I knew you were meant to stay in my life, I was still that independent, young lady, who was traveling to a place that still holds a piece of my heart (South Africa). Our timing, well, let’s just say wasn’t the right time. It wasn’t until that following February that timing was right…

Baseball, your senior season, was kickin off. First game Thursday, the rest to continue through the weekend. What better excuse for Kelsey and myself to have a girls beach trip and make a pit stop on our way home to watch you play. Kelsey was a true supporter of you and me from day one, so that girl was more than willing to make sure we made that game and dinner afterwards. (a little side note: thanks to Ryan for tagging along for  that double date on the rooftop. You deserve a little credit as well!) I, on the other hand, was convincing myself you found a girlfriend. But the truth finally came out before we arrived…a little incident made you hesitant to let us come watch you sit the bench due to an injury.

Come to find out…you had actually taken an 86mph fastball to the face. Your teeth came through your lip, shifted your bottom teeth, you puffed up like a blowfish, and 25 stitches later…I fell for the look ;-) Boy were you ever so swollen and moderately drugged, but the nurse in me couldn’t keep my eyes off ya! Something about that gash and those stitches…like I said, I fell and I fell hard! Then I kissed your cheek, turned my back, and left you with that. That's where we started/continued our story!

Let’s be honest, there’s so much more to our story that led up to that night and many more reason I love you but this one just tied the knot. And one of these days we'd love to share the whole story but until then, you get just this last piece of our story that led to the Stanley life today...our 2nd Anniversary! Here's to two years, that moment I made the commitment in knowing you were my one and only (how cheesy, but so true), and that scar you wear everyday.

Love you every single day!
♥Cori Lou

(And a big thanks to Kelsey for talking me out of the whole girlfriend idea I talked myself into and driving my ass down to see the man I’d one day marry!)