Friday, January 16, 2015

Extreme Makeover Garage Edition

My body decided 3:30 was the right time to wake up today. Like I literally woke up, hopped right out of bed, and took to this day like this is the normal time to get up. Why I can't wake up by 5:45 most days for work, yet get up earlier than that on my days off I will never understand. So here I am, blogging, working on work projects, and waiting for a phone call from our global worker to discuss the dossier. We'll see what I look like this afternoon and whether or not I'm all that functional...that's almost like baby training, right?

Anyway, the garage...It's really not that extreme. We don't even have pictures of the before so really, you have nothing to compare it to. I guess that means you have no idea if it was truly a legit makeover or not. Not that it matters anyway. On our end it seemed like an extreme makeover especially since we had 4 chickens, a coop, all their necessities, regular garage items, rat traps (Ty is the professional rat killer if you need him for anything), three bikes, and some Crossfit equipment in the garage/shop. I suppose you'll just have to trust us when we say it was an extreme makeover: garage edition.

What we actually did though (if you even care to know...turn away now if you don't),
were these few things:

*We repainted the entire garage. There's nothing like a fresh coat of pain on the walls...even if it is in the garage. All those markings from the years...gone. All those 'who knows whats' from previous owners...also gone. But fresh white walls....aaahh, so refreshing! We also did a chalkboard wall on the side where the gym is so we could write down our workouts, keep track of rounds, or let visitors make awful comments on our walls. Plus the kids can have a wall for their art time and there'd be essentially no clean up on my end!

We obviously took not only the cheap route, but also the lazy route and didn't even bother taping. And let me tell you, I could always paint like that if this is what it entailed. Otherwise, count me out...I don't want to tape, I don't want to worry about dripping, and I don't want to worry about smudging the wrong color in the wrong place.
So if you need your garage painted, I'm there!

If it weren't for the man who built this shop way back when because of his love for cars
and wanting to stay warm while he worked...I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to
manage the cold weather when we did this. I'm thankful for him and the decision
he made to make this a heated garage/shop. For this reason and for every other day we workout
in there!

And instead of making a straight line at the top, we used leftover trimming from the house to cover up the inability to keep a straight paint line. Best repurposed item in the garage!

Disregard my poor ability to not only write with chalk, but how incapable I tend
to be when writing bubble letters. Why are they so hard??

*Then came cementing all the edges of the garage because for whatever reason they never finished off the tiniest section between the garage floor and the edge of the wall....hence how the rats were digging into the ground and coming up into the garage to feed off the chicken feed. Ty killed about 6 rats and so far we haven't had any further activity!

*Before long, we were finishing our cheap/diy/easy labels (you can find the direction on my IG account @cstan512), putting them on our already organized storage containers, and putting them back where they belong. Ty now has an organized tool wall. I have my crafting section. And to finish it off, there's also another shelving unit that was already made that now holds all my catering necessities and kitchen equipment.

Color coat different themes to your storage bins. Yellow for craft items, blue for outdoor equipment, purple for catering containers, etc.

I can thank my mother-in-law for this quick and easy idea on labeling. She was most likely much more fancy than I was with her labeling, but similar idea behind it all.

if you don't have any, then it may be a good time to add some. Having a mix of wider shelves versus skinnier shelves is personally great...I love that the big items don't hang off all while
the smaller items all fit nicely together on the skinnier shelves. Don't hesitate to not only build them off the wall in a different angle but to build them with different spacings between each just in case you have some odd sized items.

The "How To" On a Budget:
*Start off by purging what you don't need.
*Clean your garage. Seems silly, but by dusting, sweeping, and washing those windows it will give it an instant makeover as is. Stop there if that's all you need or proceed on...
*If you already have storage containers, but they don't with it until you have the money to slowly make that adjustment. As difficult as it is for me to not be matching,
it isn't worth the $50+ dollars it will cost to replace the ones to match at this point.
*If you don't have enough storage bins, go to Goodwill, a resale store, or a garage sale. You can guarantee you'll find them for a steal!
*Reuse hooks hiding away in one of your storage containers or ones already on the wall
(freshly paint them or put them in a new location),
*Take advantage of the wood shelving already made or existing cabinets
(move storage cabinets, repaint them, etc to give it a new vibe),
*Use scrap paper lying around your house and plain printer paper for the labels, and
*All that's left to to purchase is the paint, floor mats, and whatever you want to put on your wall (we found the S. African flag for 5 bucks online, otherwise had everything else) for this project.
*For fitness equipment, watch and wait until Amazon has sales with certain items (slam balls, wall balls, etc), then use your Prime account or someone else's account for quick and free shipping. If you have friends with Schwinn accounts somehow or another, don't hesitate to ask...they can get some pretty good deals (big thanks to Terrance). And lastly, make your own box. We have a blog post about the "how-to" just search for it on the right hand side.

It can sure be done on a budget and with a little money saved up over a couple months!

And you wonder why there was a whole move from a CF gym to a garage...initially it all had to do with my back and needing time off (which by the way has been doing better than worse with minimizing most movements and biking/swimming instead). But once the adoption process picked up and fees were coming due, we knew our budget would be minimal. Let's just say the adoption process costs a pretty penny. Well more than a pretty penny. So instead of paying $200 for a membership each month, we saved up the last few months by not going and used that money towards some of our equipment instead. Now we save that much more per month to put towards our adoption funds. We sure miss the community side that all Crossfit gyms offer, but we are happy it saves us time by just walking ten feet to our gym and the money to get our child home some day. I think it's called responsibility as an adult now, ya?

My challenge for you all today is to purge items you rarely use, go organize a room in your house, and make those simple labels to keep all your storage containers in line. And if you're ever in the area, holler at us...we will always welcome a little competition in the gym! ;-)

♥The Stanleys