Friday, February 13, 2015


I'm fascinated. Fascinated by life, yet also fascinated by death. In the nursing world, we see plenty of both. I'm amazed how I can meet 4-10 patients, all strangers by morning, yet what seems like I've known them forever by night. It's amazing how it can even be appropriate to ask all the questions we ask within minutes of meeting these individuals. Anywhere else, someone may be quite disturbed. As nurses, we come across troubled lives, adventurous lives, purposeful lives, and uncertain lives. Individuals of all backgrounds, all walks of life, all misled paths, and for some, the end of their path. It's a true blessing to be a nurse. Not just because we get to care for someone when they're sick, but because we get to learn from them, we get to hear their stories, their hardships, and their joys. We get to see life within so many.

I think that's what I also love about life. The variety, the differences, and the similarities in each of our stories. And the fact that we all have a story....and oh how I love to hear those stories! Because when we all tell our story, we all have that moment to shine. We get to share experiences, we learn from one another, and we even get to live through each other.
Life: it's a pretty neat thing.

I love that some of my friends are way too similar yet others have only walked through a season of my life. I love that I can love so many things, yet so many people hate all of those things. I love that some people are suppose to be parents while others have no interest. I love that we were called to adopt, yet others don't get why we would. I love that I can't not be doing something, yet others (my husband in particular), can be so content in doing nothing. I love that some of us are meant to be nurses while others are suppose to be teachers (because I really don't want that job). I love that there are things I don't understand in this world and may never understand, yet many others understand perfectly. And I'll say it time and time again...I am fascinated by our similarities, our differences, and our life stories. I fall in love with all stories, all our paths in life. I love that the Lord has blessed us with our journey in life because we all have a purpose here. We were all meant to do something big or maybe just something little, but something for that matter.

And I said before, it's another neat thing. To watch someone die and to walk down that path with them only to know you're still here on this Earth after they can sure be something amazing, something fascinating. I like to think they (the one dying) remind you how to live and to keep living here on Earth. And although death can be a joyous thing, there are times I find I ask myself "why?" in my career and don't quite understand. But still to this day I struggle with a few things in nursing...massive strokes being one. One where an individual is alive, well, and on their journey in life in which a quick turn by having a sudden bleed that leads them to be unresponsive, nonverbal, and eventually leaving this world. Just as quickly as that. But cancer, that's another one I hate. The struggle to keep living yet all awhile, dying. Those individuals fight until they can no longer or find peace in living while dying. I can only empathize while watching my patients go through their life.
Never have I fully known that walk of life. 

I recently came across a woman on IG who I found to be quite amazing, interesting, inspiring, and one who is doing exactly while dying. She too, has her story, just as the rest of us do. As she fights to live (and live comfortably), she tells her story. She tells of her love, she tells of her illness, she speaks of her little lights (kid), and you see every bit of her relationship with the Lord. You can find her words at Mundane Faithfulness on both Facebook and on her blog. I highly suggest it. You'll get an idea of what it's like to live, what it's like to live while dying, finding peace with death, and you'll get to know someone else's story.

Because all our stories are worthy, worthy in whatever you believe.

Thanks for writing, Mundane Faithfulness. I enjoy reading your words, your life, your story.