Friday, February 6, 2015

The Lady Behind The Blog: 25 Things

I started reading this book about raising children in this social media world and realized that I actually needed to check myself. In fact, most of you should probably read it because it will make you think twice about the amount of time you're wasting on your computers and phones and what it's doing to your relationships. I may only be like 50 pages into it, but it made me get off Facebook for an unknown amount of time, barely blog, and only utilize IG as my one social media. The free time I have right now...unbelievable. So if you want to know what's up with the Stanleys, you should probably just find me or Ty on IG. It will sum up everything if you don't want to read the blog anyway.

I've been wanting to blog, but when I sit down to do it I end up getting nowhere. So I figured I'd start the month off with some quick "get to know me facts" that are actually pretty much pointless. Who cares anyway? I get to write what I want to on this thing, right? So see ya next year January, hello February...welcome to a bit of the lady behind the blog!

The Intro:
 I started blogging over a year before Ty and I got married, where I kept track of all our adventures and fun little secrets. After we got married, I started this blog with the intention to change the name of it. The name apparently never changed, but maybe someday that will if I can ever decide on something. So now it just keeps track of everything we do publicly, but in hopes it gives others ideas on some DIY projects, PNW activities, traveling ideas, food suggestions, our adoption journey, and simple day to day living. SO that's the quick story on how this all began, but more about my not-so secrets in the most random order ever because that's how my brain functions...

1. I'm rarely on time to anything. Work is the exception. I'm actually early for that.
I've been told I can blame it on my Native American background...they weren't ones for time.
You think people would go for that if I used that as my excuse every time I was late?

2. I typically leave the kitchen a mess. Ty cleans it up.

3. In fact, I hate cleaning in general. Organizing things, fine. But give me a lawnmower, a power washer, or the cars to do all the car cares and I'm a happy camper.

4. Desserts, yes desserts...they steal my thoughts frequently. For some reason they don't stop until I feed those thoughts. I don't look at it as a problem though and don't tell me it's actually a problem. I won't listen.

5. I use to make sure I chewed the same number of bites on each side of my mouth. I got over that, but I still double check and sometimes triple check locks. And I have to put my left foot in first to everything or else I may have to redo it all over (as in take off the right sock and put on the left, then put the right back on). It's annoying, but thank goodness it rarely happens unlike the way it use to be. I think some people call it OCD. I'll call it whatever.

6. I use to suck my thumb. Then I got buck teeth. And then that led to headgear in the third grade. Thank God I only had to wear it at night.

7. I always have to be doing something. And sometimes two things at once, which is probably why most things never seem to get completely finished like I'd wish they had.

8. I'm one of those "all or none" type of people. (i.e. knitting for months, then off for months)

9. I pretty much hate all alcoholic beverages. Don't invite me over or out for gives me the chills thinking about it.

10. I get overwhelmed by large to-do lists that I make, but I continue to make them anyway.

11. I only wash my hair about twice a week. Three times on a good week, but that's rare.

12. And while we're on the hygiene...I only wash my face with water. I don't even own any face wash and haven't in over 10 years.

13. I've been known to make multiple stops to go to the bathroom on a single run...and that can be in less than an hour long run. It's extremely inconvenient. (I was once told I could write a book on "oh the places you can go" if that gives you any hint of how my running life goes...the stories in person are much better!)

14. I listen to the same song for hours and hours, days in and days out. Eventually a new one comes up and I'll do it all over again but with the newest song. And in case you were wondering...I listened to the same song on repeat for my 2-3 hour bike ride last week and again for an hour when I ran thereafter.

15. I'm both a mama's lady and a daddy's girl. There's nothing like a day with both together or separately.

16. I love being an older sister to a younger brother, a sister to my sister-in-law, and a wife to Ty.
Cliche to say he's my other half, but I think he's more like my other 3/4 sometimes. We do about 90% of everything together. It's better that way...experience life with your someone special.

17. If someone isn't sure I can do something, I'll try to one up it and challenge myself even more. Hence the reason for all this biking, swimming, and running lately. I just may be bypassing the sprint triathlon and going straight for the half ironman. The body is an amazing thing, so we'll see what it can do!

18. I sleep on my left side in the fetal position, always. Because if I try to sleep on my back or stomach it makes me feel like I have to pee and we all know that's not a comfy way to fall asleep.

19. If I could, I would have 4 or 5 kids. But because we're not filthy rich or in that matter, wealthy enough to feed that many mouths...we won't be having 5 children.

20. Fridays with the kiddos & visits with my grandparents are in my top favorite things to do. So if I turn you down to hang out with them, don't be offended.

21. Our families are extremely close. Like we have weekly dinners with immediate family, other monthly family gatherings, dates with Grandma, of course dates with the kiddos, my cousin lives in our basement which brings the rest of the family over often, and the list goes on. Sometimes we even combine the Cosby-Stanley sides for gatherings because they all like each other that much. And I don't mind any of it!

22. I've traveled to more countries in this World than I have States here in the US.
I thought in my early years I was out to be the change in the world. That quickly became quite clear
that it was nearly impossible (but when I was 20, what did I know?!). I've decided my calling in this world may be to make small, less drastic changes in this world day by day and that's just fine with me.

23. One of my favorite things is crawling into bed with my husband. There's something about the comfort of our own bed, in his arms, and a good nights rest ahead of me. All of which sound lovely at this moment because it is 11pm and I should be there by now.

24. I don't necessarily specialize in one particular nursing area...I have to know nearly all of them in my job. Anything from cancer patients, to general surgery, to cardiac patients, to neurology, and then a completely different realm in an outpatient infusion center. Keeps me busy to say the least and I love the variety the job provides.

25. I'm a believer in the Lord. He has blessed me with a wonderful 28 years of life.

I frequently get asked "why are you always smiling?" I don't really have a response to the "why" but what I do know is that it brings joy to my day to get a smile back from someone and I like to think if it made someone smile, that could be the only time they do in that day. So I will continue to smile all the time because there are very few reasons in life we have no reason not to.

So I leave you with a big ol' smile as I would if this were in person and I ride out into the day...because we all know now that I can't waste a minute to relax, that I don't have other forms of social media to waste my time on now, that my to-do list is calling my name, that I've got to get my left sock on before my right, and that those kiddos are waiting on their Friday treat. 
So I wish you a very Happy Friday!

♥Cori Lou