Friday, March 6, 2015

How We Make It

Can I just tell you how every time I go biking, something never seems to be right. I already hated biking alone and better yet, it's lame to go on a bike ride with someone else. Because I can't hear the person when they're biking in front or behind me. So really, there's no point in trying to have a conversation or for that matter, invite someone to go on a bike ride. Maybe if I was biking somewhere where there were no cars and only nature noises, but that has yet to happen. Let's just say I won't be inviting you on a bike ride anytime soon. And don't let me forget to mention...biking forever on this training schedule is just biking forever (imagine my voice and my eyes possibly rolling because of how stupid it is sometimes). When you realize you left when your husband did for work and you don't return home until you realize he's already halfway through his work day....that's forever in my mind. Doing it solo gives me way too much time to think and way too much time to realize I could've gotten like 5 other things accomplished instead of one bike ride. But I'm done complaining because soon enough I'll be back out on the bike again and you can all just think of me, but nothing else.

Needless to say, between all this training, Ty's basketball schedule, all the adoption pieces for the last two months, our regular work schedules, and everything else thrown in the mix it seems like our time to cook and prep meals dwindled. Obviously while I am biking or running, grocery shopping and dinner making is not happenin'. I just wish it was possible to multitask like that.

I'll be honest...there's been a few times we've hit the downtown streets of Vancouver for a good gluten free meal instead of sticking to our paleo guns. We aren't perfect and although we do a lot of paleo, there comes times we splurge too. It's ok. That's what makes these outings special for one, and two, there's no reason to restrict when there's food out there to be tried. But what we have been making to get by are these go-to meals and snacks...

Stupid Easy pancakes 
(mash 4-5 bananas, 3 eggs, splash of vanilla, two heaping scoops of almond butter, & sometimes we add blueberries; mix & add to a hot coconut oiled pan)

Big Ol' Scrambles
(hen house eggs, kale, mushrooms, & sausage)
Make as much as you wish. We never make more than two days worth, but you can do what you want.

Bacon, Of Course
(costco sells nitrate free bacon and totally worth it!)
Place foil on a large cookie sheet & place all your bacon strips side by side on the sheet.
Turn your oven on and set for 400 degrees. Toss in your cookie sheet and check every so often
on your bacon strips, pull them out once they are to your liking (we are crispy fans around here so we tend to cook them until crisped up!)

Berry Bowls
Buy all sorts of berries, cut them as needed, mix together in a bowl, and cover. Serve small servings with any of the above or take it to go if you're in a rush.

Tip: double all the recipes (except the scrambles), package half for the week and the other half to freeze. Place your bacon in an air tight container and put in the fridge. All of the above are super easy to grab, heat up, and go if you're on the run. Mix and match the item above as you so wish. Otherwise, sit and enjoy with a small bowl of fruit!

Sweet 'Tater Chips & Tuna
Make your tater chips or buy a bag of the tasty sea salted chips. Whip up a big batch of tuna,
place in an air tight container, and you will be ready to go on a whim for a take along snack.

Cashew Cream with Veggies & Plantains for Dipping
use the cashew cream link above for the basic recipe. We like to add garlic & onion powder,
dash of salt, dash of pepper, a splash of lemon juice, artichoke hearts, & sometimes a pinch of cayenne. Blend up and you're all set to go for the week!

Primal Plate
Salami, variety of olives, handful of nuts, slices of cheese, & a coconut water.
No cooking, baking, or prepping necessary.

Season to your liking...ground bison, turkey, or beef (2-4lbs will get you through several meals).
Sauteed brussels, ginger carrots, and a side of plantain chips. 
A few splashes of hot sauce and boom, you're done.

Easy Peasy Cashew Cream Chicken & Broccoli
Make the cashew cream above, season with some garlic salt, onion powder, salt, and pepper.
Saute 3-4 cubed up chicken breasts for a few minutes on each side. Add 1 head of broccoli (broken off from the stems into small florets). Saute until cooked through. Add the cashew cream.
Serve with some fruit and call it a night (use the leftovers for lunch).

my all time fav right now, especially with the ground lamb. My mouth is watering because I am about to eat some when I finish this blog post and my swim and run this morning (side note, sorry). It makes enough for three meals for us (dinner, lunch, dinner). Serve with some spaghetti squash and you've got a nice little combo to boot. Def add the pistachios as the recipe calls. Don't even hesitate. And if you're so up to it, double the recipe and you'll be set for days!

Feel free to add any fruit salad, green salad with a strawberry vinaigrette dressing, or saute some fresh kale with garlic to add as sides.

These "paleo friendly" bars. Because when you don't want to bake, boom there you have them!
(cinnamon raisin was a fav around here)

Chocolate Avocado Pudding
Click the link for the recipe. It can be found at the bottom of the blog post.

The Not-So-Paleo, Live a Little, Go Big, Because We All Deserve It Dessert
aka Ice Cream Renaissance in Vancouver, otherwise do it big at Salt & Straw in Portland!
(if you can't stray too far from your paleo side, they have coconut milk ice cream
options. The coffee chip is one of my favs right now!)

So there you have it. Our quick go-tos as of late. It's gotten us by during the busy times and as I said before, we've hit the streets of Vancouver lookin' for the next hot gluten free meal when we've left ourselves stranded for the next meal. Gluten free pizza from Garlic Jims gets a double thumbs up,
Mon Ami gluten free crepes and almond milk latte get five stars, Mint Tea on the weekends for brunch is out of this world, and our most enjoyed go to is Woody's. Who said Vancouver was short handed?

Happy Friday folks...enjoy this lovely weather that is about to happen!

♥The Stanleys