Thursday, March 19, 2015

What's Growin' On?

I thought I'd come up with something funny to say or a story that's happened recently, but I apparently couldn't. So instead, we'll just get right to it. Plus I'll spare you another story and your time today.
Fair enough?

Ok, so last year was our first real garden. It was legit, the raised beds and all. I even had the ladder garden my brother made me years ago that sprouted a few things but unfortunately all the squirrels or maybe the rats ate up before we ever got to pick them. Pretty cool on the ladder garden, not as cool about the animals stealing our food. So that was a bummer. And then there were some things that just failed in the garden. Most likely it was because I had no idea what I was really doing. But this year, I'm coming in hot. I've been doing my research in the off season, planning out the garden area for us and around the chicken coop for our ladies. With the help of the resources I've provided below, I feel like I could be a farmer with all the knowledge I've tucked away in my brain. Soon enough the time will be here to start the planting! I'm giddy thinking about it. Weird.

This is what we've got up our sleeves for the upcoming season. We like to call it our "theme season"....each raised bed has it's theme and each theme has it's purpose for what suits our likings. I'd like to thank the Pinterest search bar for the assistance in finding all the new knowledge I now have and of course, the specifics of each raised bed planting. If this gives you any motivation to get your search on, your planting prep complete, and then the planting itself done...then I achieved my goal. So have it folks, be ready when the time comes!

Raised Bed 1: The Salsa Garden
Red Onions
White Onions
Red Peppers
Tomatoes or Tomatillos

Raised Bed 2: The Grilling Garden
Summer Squash
Cherry Tomatoes
Bell Pepper

Raised Bed 3: Simple Summer Garden
Low Growing Herbs (we've chosen mint, parsley, onion chives)
Tall Growing Herbs (we've chosen stevia, rosemary, & basil)
Peppers or Tomatoes

Raised Bed 4: The Not-So Themed, Random Garden
(because items we want to try growing weren't in the beds above, so they all go in this one)
Green Beans
Snap Peas

Long Raised Beds 5 & 6:
we plan on continuing the raspberries and blueberries in hopes the blueberries come in
this year! We've got a lemonade blueberry we're looking forward to!

Plant some flowers around your garden to bring in more color...little pots or jars work well.
Or throw in more veggies in fun containers of all sorts to get more out of the garden this year.

Even an old chair and window can bring some details to your garden area.
Endless options!

Details & Resources
My favorite tools & links can be found below. SO much info, so easy to read, and nearly dummy proof. Right up my alley. Keeps life simple, saves my time, & makes gardening that much easier! Obviously, I don't turn them away.

The Old Farmer's Almanac
Bonnie's Plants
Kitchen Garden Planner from Gardener's Supply Company
(drag and drop your ideas into a plan & it will tell you how many to plant per square foot and
the details for caring for each seed you sow...I'm partly obsessed!)

Soon enough I'll get around to blogging our plans for near and around the chicken coop to make
happy and healthy egg-laying ladies for all you chicken fans!
In the meantime, happy garden planning!