Monday, May 18, 2015

This Guy Of Mine & Why We Say "YES"

We get to choose who we want to do life with. Choose wisely. #stanleylife #mcm

Everyday we love, everyday we say yes to life's daily invite, and everyday this is what our mornings look like. A simple peace sign and a "love you." Every. Day. But on mornings we seek adventure, sometimes this man says yes to the unknown (my brother thinks he's nuts to saying yes to my ideas and is not sure why he still continues to do so). But Ty is an example of what saying yes means...That's the beauty in it all. Sometimes they turn out as great ideas and other times we chalk it up as an experience. By saying yes, it takes us places and open up experiences it wouldn't have otherwise.

A few weekends ago it meant driving 7 hours in total to bike an ironman course up at Lake Stevens. We experienced lots of firsts...I was pooped on by a bird and running over tar was definitely not in the plan, which made for an interesting, sticky ride. Words like "this is do or die" came out of Ty's mouth and were a first when he walked down a driveway to rink out of someones hose (I was only partly embarrassed) and cramping so bad he had to walk, twice. Biking 56 miles on new, tough terrain was not only a first but the highlight (well, finishing was actually the highlight for Ty since he hasn't been training). But after it was all said and done (he did survive, although he would've convinced you death was near), he turns to me and said "that was fun." It's why we say adventures, to life, to each other.

Love does. Everyday. Always. Say yes. Live.

Love you everyday!