Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Three Favorites

All I have to say is cashew pepper dip, organic chorizo, and Humm kombucha. I want to scoop up the cashew dip and eat it by the spoonful. I don't, so instead I dip veggies in it. The chorizo, better believe that gets all mixed up in some of our fresh eggs, courtesy of the ladies in the backyard. If you don't care whether it's paleo or not, add some goat cheese and put your chorizo scrambled in a corn tortilla. You'll want 5 more and I'm not kidding. And please, always get two kinds of kombucha...they are good separate but it is also so refreshing as a mixed kombucha drink.

The dip is in a giant container at Costco, but what isn't in a large container at Costco.
The chorizo can be picked up at your local Natural Grocers in the freezer section and by no means 
is it a deal, but sometimes these things are worth the few extra bucks.
Humm kombucha is made in Bend, OR so if you're in the area stop by and try all the samples.
If you're not, they are sold as individuals containers at Winco or at the Felida Market and
Battleground market on tap. That way you can keep it on hand always in your growlers because you of course need two to be filled at a time, right?

3 things and that's all I've got for our favorites at the moment.

♡The Stanleys