Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Ladies of The Backyard & Their Spot

You guys, I feel like I'm decorating the chicken coop as though I'm decorating a bedroom. If only I actually put the time and effort into decorating one of the rooms around here, something would actually look finished in the house. Instead, the chicken coop has been my deal. I love those little ladies back there...most of the time. The other times when they eat the strawberries and wreck the corn I planted is an entirely different story. Besides that, they are great. You all should have a pet chicken and maybe even a duck if you're husband will let you (Ty says no more birds, so I'm on to convincing him we should have a baby goat instead).

When I work on the computer on the table out back, the ladies like to join.
They obviously have some interest in blogging...

They also wanted me to share with you the happenings in their coop because they think you need to do the same for our chickens or at least take a few ideas and run with them. I humor myself when I think of it as a Ronald McDonald play place but for chickens...when really the only similarity is that they have food ready to them whenever they want in their little trough, we bring them snack packs of food similar to kid meals I guess, and they've got a few things to play with in their part of the yard (we recently decided to keep them in a certain area of the backyard to prevent so much poop everywhere when we have BBQs this summer because no guest wants to step in chicken poo).

Here ya have it...

*Less than a dollar Ikea pots...plant some nasturtium! 
If they don't eat the leaves, you will soon get some great foliage and pretty colored flowers that bloom. But most likely they will snack on them as they do with anything else. Good thing nasturtium is a natural wormer and antibiotic for the ladies! It becomes a treat for them and an added health bonus.

*Add a touch of lavender around the coop!
They love it. I love it. We all are happy. Plus it helps with insect repellent. Also a bonus!

*Plant pots specifically for the ladies in your garden.
All sorts of herbs, lettuce, fruits, veggies. You name it, they love to eat it. You can also add in some of the mint to their water or herb mixes to their lay boxes. They work as insecticides, have anti-bacterial properties, laying stimulants, and much more! Check here for more details. 

At the moment we have plenty of lettuce varieties, berries, chocolate and regular mint, parsley, cilantro, basil, rosemary, and sunflowers. Who knows what else will be added...I'm getting slightly addicted.

(pots from ikea, holes drilled into the bottom for drainage)

*Plant in the coop.
I can guarantee you that if you don't cover whatever it is you plant and allow them to grow, all the leaves and stems will be gone in minutes. Plant in the ground or plant in something like this...
We cut off the headboard from the spare bed frame we bought for the spare room, stained it, and then drilled soup and big coffee cans to the wood. Throw in some soil, plant whatever your heart desires, cover them with bird mesh, and let it all happen. Uncover the mesh when you're ready to let your ladies dig in!

*Snacks on snacks on snacks.
Our homegirls love watermelon and berries...placing leftover rinds in their coop to munch on keeps them busy.

(A little side note...the few things not to give them are avocado pits and peels, citrus fruits, 
& raw potato skins)

*Chicken tetherball.
String fruit and/or veggies on to something that will hold up with all the pecking that is attached to a wood stick of some sort. Our gals sure get into it!

*Chicken Pool
They don't really get in and swim, but they love their mini pool. They can drink from their trough, play in their pool. Perfect for all these hot days we've had!

Kathy didn't mind just hanging in the pool...

Cindy obviously wasn't about it...

And a few random chicken pictures because this is what life is like around here with chickens...

Sometimes just one will visit....
and sometimes they all think they've been invited in for coffee & snacks!

Double yoke eggs. Kinda like Christmas.

You plant for your ladies, your ladies will provide!

That's all we've got for now. Thanks for listening to the crazy chicken lady I've become!