Thursday, July 16, 2015

Your Guide To A Quick Crater Lake & Waterfall Adventure

We are known for quick trips. We like to run the trails, hang out at the view point, then run back. We pack quick, set up camp quick, and do it just the same when it's time to head home. I'm not sure if we do it because we can see more in a short time or if we like to be able to kick back and relax after it's all said and done. It's easy to do now since it's just the two of us. But what we think about often lately is what will it be like to travel with children...and we realize, definitely not like we do now. What we also think about is how we can't wait to show our children the world. Each one of our little adventures, we can't wait to show our little one the same. We want our children to explore, to seek these adventures, to see what the world has to offer, to meet individuals from all over as they travel, to experience life as much as they can. So why not pack them up and adventure with us when those days come? Let me tell you...we can't wait for that.

Until then, we will keep making several day trips into 24-36 hour trips and getting our exercise while we're exploring. Then maybe we'll blog about it so you can do the same. And if not that fast, do them in a few days and enjoy them! They are all simple and very short hikes that you, your kids, and your grandparents can all get out to see. If that's not enticing, I'm not sure what is. 

The Quickie
What it comes down to is this...take I-5 to Roseburg and get yourself on HWY 138. Most directions to get you to Crater Lake tend to use another highway (at least I think so). If you take a different highway, you won't find yourself hiking short trails to see this waterfalls and bummer for you. So be sure to head East from I-5 on 138 and you'll be guaranteed options and options of quick pit stops, quick hikes, and beautiful views (all stops are marked). We stopped at three or four places on the way to Crater Lake, but trust us, there are still many more stops you can make. So we will give you a few ideas of our top stops, but feel free to make as many stops as you wish if you have more time.

Stop One
Falls Creek Fall
1 mile

Stop Two
Toketee Falls (meaning "pretty")
Less than 1 mile
(going down to the falls is restricted except for the fact someone put a rope down the steep edge and some rock climbing area to aid those interested in getting down to the pool that the waterfall dumps into. It's a possibility you could get a little scrapped up, but worth the trek down there and back!)

Stop 3
Watson Falls
Largest plunge in Southern Oregon & third largest in Oregon


There are many more hikes as I said above. One that we missed that we'd highly suggest is Susan Creek Falls, which is also suppose to be another beauty of a waterfall. Although these were our picks on our way to biking the rim at Crater Lake, you can sure make your own trip out of it. And we would encourage you to do so!

Last Stop
Crater Lake!
33 mile rim + 3 miles of offshooting roads/dirt paths = 36.5 mile ride

Our attempts at selfies...I'll save you all the others, but we finally figured it out below!

What happens to your food when you reach this point.

This spot (Sun Notch/Phantom Ship Lookout) was in my top two favorite views around here!

While you're here...
1) check out the little or big trails
2) hike up to the fire lookout on the West Rim
3) hike down to the lake
4) jump in or don't (it's freezing)
5) enjoy a sunset

 The weather forecast stated complete clouds with high chances of rain and thunder showers. It rained on us at Watson Falls and we never saw a drop again. We felt extremely blessed with how this trip turned out as it would not have gone so smoothly if otherwise. In fact, it most likely wouldn't have been wise to attempt the ride in the rain and wind.

We highly suggest the Mazama campground site as it is about 6 miles to the East Rim or 7 miles to the West Rim. The campground sites are perfect and the bathrooms are well cared for. There's a store and a restaurant if you don't want to do the full-on camping. And who knows, maybe you'll end up making friends and hanging out over a fire with the people camping next door! Whatever you decide, we hope your quick trip down South is adventurous, a wonderful experience, and full of beauty. Whether it be rainy or sunny, this view will always be something profound. So soak it all up and be in awe while you're there!