Friday, September 18, 2015

2 Months Later + A Tool & Wood Shed Update

I haven't posted a blog in two whole months. Pretty much exactly to the date. I've decided I may have to become a seasonal blogger. While I'm hibernating (and not quite as busy), I will blog. And when the weather turns, I will disappear from the blogging world. It's happened twice now, but the previous time we were in SE Asia. So that time doesn't count because we rarely found ourself with Wifi, right? But this time, I may be posting but who in the hell knows when I'll do it again. Life becomes pretty simple outside of training, not blogging, and really having no idea what that next goal to achieve is. We'll see how long that lasts for me though because we all know I've got to be doing something.

But...the tool & wood shed I've posted about several times. Well it's been done for nearly two months, but I left it hanging until now. I told myself to blog about it back then, but you can see what happened to that. As far as explaining a DIY project like I usually do, I won't be this time. Weird, right? In fact, I have no idea how to make this thing. I just decorated the outside and organized the inside. My husband designed and put this beast together with the leftover hot tub cover/gazebo that was left here when we moved in last year. No better way to repurpose that thing, right? I think he purposely waited to do it while I was a work to surprise me every time I came home with a new project that was started/completed. I thought it was awesome because it was fun to come home to see what else was done around here. I'm all about fast can I get things done or making it a goal to have a certain amount of things completed before Ty gets home from work. Stupid, but also sooo rewarding to my tiny, goal-oriented, competitive brain.

Anyway, you all may have wanted the design, the instructions, the typical DIY post. This time it won't be happening and I apologize for that. If Ty blogged ever, we could force it out of him. Since he doesn't, you just get some photos below. Enjoy those because that's all you get.

Previously...when the fence had not been washed and stained, when we had green grass,
and when the hot tub cover was once that and nicely made at that.

The lattice opened up if you wanted to party, I'm assuming. You now, like open it up, put your food and drink on the bar, hang out.

We decided we would not be getting a hot tub, so my brother and cousin got the job
of tearing it down (thanks guys!). We sold the lattice with the old 8 foot sections of fence this last summer and used that money on, of course, projects. Duh.

Here comes the repurposing...that old bar from the hot tub a bench on the deck.

And the beginnings to the DIY shed...

*Ikea bar and hooks
*old planter bucket turned into storage bucket 

The shed...also good for storing our wood for summer bonfires and winter, keep me warm, fires.
Also good for organizing all my gardening of my favorite parts!

*Wire baskets can be found at Target in their storage/organization section

Repurposing that rain water...
*Clay pot on clearance at Home Depot in various colors
*Rain chain on Amazon

That's all...maybe if you're handy like my husband (and not oriented in projects like these), you can come up with one of your own. Have fun with it!

Happy Friday all!

PS-will someone do me a favor and bring back summer? I'm not quite ready for this fall business.