Thursday, April 30, 2015

Seasons of Life, Seasons of Blogging

It feels good to be back. I almost feel like I should clasp my hands together, fold them away from my body, and give myself a nice big stretch before I tackle this blog. Maybe even a pat on the back for getting after it because it hasn't happened in a while. And only because it would be a semi-nerdy thing to do and more than anything, I could use the stretch before I get back into all this typing. Seriously though, it's been a long while. I've got no real reason to have been off the blogging world unless you want to count all the hours of early swims that make me spend more time than I ever have washing my hair (and showering for that matter), 3-4 hour bike rides that take professionals like an hour to do, a few long runs that take longer than they should because of all the bathroom stops I have to make, playing with our free range lady-birds, trying to work on that green thumb in the garden, making up lame excuses to stay up late and spend time with family and friends, soaking up the last of our days as just us two until we get that phone call for a referral, and just possibly working on my persuasion skills (I'm trying to talk Ty into getting a couple ducks and a mini pig to add to the far it hasn't worked). There isn't a day mixed in all of that that I would change. The one thing I would change is the number of hours in a day. So if that ever becomes possible, I'll be the first to ask and possibly beg for it with no shame.

On another note, I got to thinking that I use to blog like every day. Every. Single. Freaking. Day. Not kidding. How I did clue. Lots of late nights, long hours of typing and editing (to a certain extent), weird persistence, and a driving need to do so. Then I slowly smartened up. I realized I was getting old and needed more sleep, that my eyes could use less computer time because they seemed like they were going bad, and I no longer felt that need for speed...aka blogging, which I imagine is nothing like speed. Although, I'd have no idea. I also realized that my blog isn't a money making blog, few people follow, and there wasn't a single soul out there making me do so. 

So I've decided the blog has its seasons...just like the seasons of our life. Since the Stanley life began, you've all been a part of those seasons: wedding festivities, travel/adventures, marriage, our niece and nephew date days, recipe making, DIY projects, home buying, the adoption process, day to day living, and now some blank pages between blogs. Those blanks tend to mean a busy time in life or a lack of interest in putting the effort into blogging. There's been a time, a place, a purpose, etc. to capture our life, our adventures, our story. Those will still remain, but the blogging will come and go as time allows, the motivation is there, and the need to capture it for ourselves is around. Otherwise, Instagram has made my blogging life way too easy so you can always follow there. Nothing like a quick pic, a little blurb, and a touch of the screen to post. Blogging made simple, really. It's been a life saver...Ok fine, maybe just a time saver. Same thing though, right?

So the blog isn't going away. In fact, I never want it to go away. There's nothing like looking back over the years to see where we were, where we've been, where we're headed and all else we've done in between. But what it will be is a place we may throw a lot at you in a weeks time (whether it be adoption related, food ideas, a little inspiration, or a moment of sharing just our life) or maybe it will leave you wondering where we are. And if it's anything to you, we're either out training, working on house projects, soaking up adventures, with our family, or maybe just eating some ice cream because we do that from time to time. It's a simple life and it's a good way to keep it. Here's to the old life of daily blogging and the new life of blogging whenever I decide. 
#seasonsoflife #seasonsofblogging

PS...this is what blogging life has been looking like as of late.

The ladies threw in their two sense about some blog posts...I'm going to include one of them.

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